Elite Daily Newsletter: December 9, 2022

This will be the most romantic day in December, why Harry fell for Meghan, and more.

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This Will Be The Most Romantic Day In December, According To Astrology

Sensual Venus will form a serendipitous sextile to dreamy Neptune, adding a layer of fantasy to the dynamic of your dating life and romantic partnerships. And because Venus will be swooning — I mean, transiting — through structured Capricorn on this day, relationships are more likely to be long-lasting and built upon a solid foundation. READ MORE

The Reason Why Prince Harry Fell For Meghan Markle Is So Sweet

He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious? OK fine, I'll elaborate: She was a working actor on a mid-tier cable show (hello, Suits), the kind that goes into syndication and pays decent money, a gig that brings solid success without massive fame. He was a posh bad boy, thrust into the spotlight at birth, processing his grief through volunteer work. How did they find each other, and what made them fall in love? Well, the answer is incredibly sweet. READ MORE


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TherapyJeff Just Wants To See You Thriving

Jeff Guenther, 41, better known as TherapyJeff, is beloved by his audience of 2.3 million on TikTok for his quippy commentary on red flags, conversation starters, breakup advice, and more. Or, as in his own words from his bio: “trying my best to save your relationship!” His videos follow a well-established formula: Guenther in a flannel and T-shirt, sitting in front of a window, telling you calmly and directly how to better get in touch with your needs. READ MORE

Curious About Kinks & Fetishes? Here’s How To Start Exploring Them

Sarah Riccio, the New York-based KinkToker and founder of sex toy shop and education platform, says that while “kink” and “fetish” are often used interchangeably, many people see them as having one very crucial distinction: A kink is a want, whereas a fetish is more of a need. “Kinks supercharge your arousal,” she says, but they’re usually not deal-breakers. For many people with fetishes, however, their fetish must be incorporated into sex in order to reach orgasm. READ MORE


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