Olivia Wilde is reportedly "still upset" after her breakup with Harry Styles.

Olivia Wilde Is Reportedly "Still Upset" About Her Split With Harry Styles

Sources say they went on a "break" in November.

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Breakups are never easy, but when your ex is Harry Styles, they’re bound to be extra tough. Styles and Olivia Wilde reportedly took a “break” on Nov. 18 after two years of dating, and it sounds like it has been challenging. Wilde is reportedly “still very much upset” about her breakup with Styles. I get it, darling.

On Dec. 8, a source told Us Weekly, “Olivia is still very much upset about the breakup,” and she is “trying to move on.” The Don’t Worry Darling director reportedly went on a girls trip to recuperate. “Olivia thought going on vacation would allow her to decompress,” the insider added.

Per the outlet, Wilde isn’t focusing on romance these days. Instead, the actor is reportedly “leaning on friends,” and “dating isn’t on her list of priorities.”

On Nov. 22, a source told People that Wilde was struggling with the split. “The break has been difficult for Olivia,” the insider said. “They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all. She is disappointed. It's just a tricky situation, though.”

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Although Wilde and Styles have not publicly commented on the reasons behind their reported split, sources claimed the constant attention from fans (and critics) was tough. “The public pressure on them has been difficult. They’ve had ups and downs throughout the relationship,” an insider told People on Nov. 18.

Their high-pressure careers and busy lives also reportedly played a role in their decision. "He's still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A. It's a very amicable decision,” a source said.

The former couple’s relationship wasn’t exactly drama-free. ICYMI, in October, Wilde’s former nanny shared plenty of messy details concerning her breakup with Jason Sudeikis. Per the nanny, Wilde left Sudeikis for Styles. She told the Daily Mail, “[Sudeikis] started telling me details [of her relationship with Styles], and he said, ‘She put the move on him. She put the first move on him. She kissed him at one of the dinners they had for the cast in Palm Springs. She did that.’”