Elite Daily Newsletter: December 14, 2022

Jenna Ortega's style evolution over the years, how to decorate your dorm like The Sex Lives of College Girls, and more.

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Jenna Ortega’s Beauty Evolution From Disney Star To Gothic Queen

The former Disney star has been booked and busy this year: From her role in the reboot of the classic horror movie Scream to everyone’s favorite sulky, death-obsessed teen, Wednesday Addams. In real life, her beauty looks have been just as noteworthy — and they just keep getting better. READ MORE

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Behind every fun TV set is a production designer that makes you feel at home. For The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, you have Angelique Clark to thank for every twinkle light, throw pillow, and knick-knack that embodies each of the characters’ dorms. Here’s how to decorate your space like your fave character for a spring semester refresh. READ MORE


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Bailey Bass Has Been Waiting For Avatar 2 Since She Was 12 Years Old

Bass was only 12 when she auditioned to play Tsireya, a Metkayina freediver and member of Pandora’s next generation of inhabitants in Avatar: The Way of Water: “I learned that when you’re a young actor, you have a gift, and it’s fearlessness. You don’t have the negativity to give yourself; you jump straight into things, and that’s a superpower.” And she’s had plenty of time to reflect on that audition experience — seven years, to be exact — because she’s 19 now. READ MORE

Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski Are Reportedly “Getting More Serious”

Things are looking up for PemRata (side note: this is my fave celeb couple name since Bennifer). Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski reportedly started seeing each other in November, and although they’ve kept quiet on their relationship status, things are “going strong” between them, according to sources. READ MORE


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