Elite Daily Newsletter: August 4, 2022

Ashley Greene is glad she didn't play Bella in 'Twilight', your solo vacation spot based on your zodiac sign, and more.

By Hayley Schueneman

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Ashley Greene Is Glad She Didn’t Play Bella In Twilight

Everyone knows that Alice Cullen is the superior Cullen, but there is an alternate universe where Ashley Greene actually plays Bella instead. Greene opened up about this on her new podcast, The Twilight Effect, where she has been joined by costars like Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone to discuss Twilight way “more openly” than they were able to during the original release of the films. READ MORE


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Your Best Solo Vacay Spot, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As someone who recently booked a solo trip for my own birthday next month (to France, natch) I can say that I co-sign this idea with all my heart. What better way to send off summer than to treat yourself to a little “me time” in a new city? If Beyoncé is spotted by herself in Bali anytime soon, then we know she saw this list. READ MORE


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