Kim Kardashian's 'Incredibles' T-shirt might be a reference to Kanye West.

Kim’s Incredibles T-Shirt Might Be A Reference To Kanye

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By Ilana Frost
Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Just when I thought the Kete train was going full speed ahead... is Kim K’s mind still subconsciously lingering on her famous ex-husband? Fans think so. On August 1, the Kardashians star took to Insta to share some photos of her enjoying the ocean waves while sporting an Incredibles T-shirt. Maybe her followers are just reading into things, but according to them, her outfit choice kinda feels reminiscent of a past era involving a certain Donda rapper. Here’s why they think Kim Kardashian’s Incredibles T-shirt could be a subtle reference to Kanye “Ye” West.

West is a pretty big Incredibles fan. The movie did have the power to inspire his first Keeping Up With the Kardashians confessional, after all. During the March 2019 episode, West shared his movie-based reasoning for agreeing to the reality TV confessional. “This interview is because of the movie The Incredibles,” West said at the time. “It starts out with interviews. The superheroes are giving interviews.’”

He continued, “The wife’s got a big butt, and I just see our life becoming more and more and more like The Incredibles until we can finally fly.” LOL. These days, his ex-wife is “finally” flying high on her new luxury private jet, so maybe West’s prediction wasn’t too far off?

The maybe-nod to her ex-husband was quickly brought up in Kardashian’s comments section. One fan asked, “Is this hinting at a Kimye comeback?” Another wrote, “Is this a message to Kanye?”

So, is Kardashian’s T-shirt a tribute to this KUTWTK moment? Maybe, maybe not. Kardashian is an Incredibles stan herself, and her choice of swimwear might just reflect her own love for the films. Back on June 24, 2018, the SKIMS founder enthusiastically tweeted, “Now watching Incredibles 2 ❗ ❗ ❗❗ ❗” (Yes, that is indeed five exclamation points.)

A few months later, The reality star also shared Halloween photos of her kids, Chicago and Saint, dressed as Incredibles characters. Chicago sported the cutest Jack-Jack outfit ever, and Saint rocked a Dash costume. Iconic.


My theory? Kardashian just liked the shirt. It certainly doesn’t seem this photo should cause any worry among Kete fans. (Phew.) While Pete Davidson is filming a movie in Australia, the lovebirds are reportedly “in constant communication.” On August 3, an insider told Us Weekly, “They send each other love notes while the other is sleeping and FaceTime whenever their schedules link up.” Long-distance Kete for the win!

I gotta say, no matter what message this beach ‘fit was supposed to send, Kardashian looks pretty *incredible* in this T-shirt.