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Elite Daily Newsletter: August 2, 2022

Where to buy Kate Middleton's favorite accessories, how to be a better lover according to couple's therapists, and more.

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You Can Buy Kate Middleton’s Affordable White Sneakers

Dressing like a duchess is something that a lot of us aspire to, but our bank accounts are anything less than royal. However, Kate has always been queen of mixing designer and high street brands, and loves recycling outfits. After you nab a set of her favorite gold earrings, you can get her favorite white sneakers, too. All that’s missing is an amazing blowout. READ MORE

How To Be A Better Lover, According To Couples Therapists

I think it’s safe to say that most of us really want to go that extra mile and show up for our partners (notable exception: Ross from Friends). It can be hard to know where to start, though, because like most things in life, love can feel overwhelming at times. Elite Daily talked to four couples therapists who gave us some good intel on where to start. READ MORE


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Here’s The Best Month To Go On Vacation For Your Zodiac Sign

Spoiler alert: It’s not “every month,” although that would be nice. If you ever find yourself craving an escape during the same time each year, then it might be time to listen to your zodiac sign’s instinct and reward yourself with a trip! BRB, forwarding this article to my boss so she knows I will be taking off the entire month of May. READ MORE


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