KJ Apa shaved his iconic red hair for a movie and he looks like an entirely different person

KJ Apa Shaved Off His Riverdale Hair And He Looks So Different Now

End of an era.

Cindy Ord/WireImage/Getty Images

With Riverdale preparing to take its final bow, it’s time for the cast to say goodbye to the characters they have played for 7 seasons... and the requisite hairstyles that came along with them. Letting go of Archie Andrews meant that KJ Apa could finally get rid of the character’s signature red hair. Instead of dying his hair back to his natural brunette roots, Apa took a more extreme route by buzzing it all off. This calls for a moment of silence. Even though I’ll miss the red locks, it’s understandable for Apa to start fresh now that he’s not glued to Archie’s look. Still, it was pretty surprising to see KJ Apa with his Riverdale Archie hair shaved off when he debuted the new look on Instagram.

In the past, Apa has talked about how frequently he had to dye his hair for Riverdale, even sharing with Teen Vogue that it was “definitely really weird to see” the first time he rocked Archie’s hairdo. Six seasons later, Apa was more than ready to start fresh. On Thursday, July 28, Apa surprised fans by posting his drastic new look on Instagram, showing off a totally shaved head. The buzzcut gives Apa a new look that matches his age and the role he plays in an upcoming film. Accompanying the debut of his newly buzzed hair, Apa dropped the caption “Reset. One Fast Move.”

One Fast Move is an upcoming action film that focuses on racing motorcycles, which stars Apa and has been shooting throughout the summer during his break from Riverdale. One Fast Move promises grit and adrenaline (because you can’t casually race motorcycles) from Apa’s character, Kelly Blatz, who searches for his estranged father to pursue his dream of racing.

Though Apa’s new look is a total departure from Archie Andrews, he will be back to play Riverdale’s golden boy one more time. The teen drama is ending with its upcoming seventh season, which is predicted to begin airing this fall. It’s unclear if Apa will be bringing his buzzcut into the final season, or if he will go back to Archie’s red locks for the big farewell. But the buzzcut is definitely making a statement: shedding Archie’s boyish fiery hair marks a new chapter in Apa’s life, or dare I say, the end of an era.