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Elite Daily Newsletter: August 10, 2022

An aura reader analyzed Kim and Pete's breakup energy, we tried Dan Levy's margarita recipe, and more.

By Hayley Schueneman
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

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We Asked An Aura Reader To Explain Kim and Pete’s Breakup

If Kete’s breakup is giving you whiplash, you’re not the only one. It was in this very newsletter one week ago that we were discussing how they were nailing the whole LDR thing! But perhaps that was wishful thinking on everyone’s part. We asked Mystic Michaela to dive into the nuances surrounding their auras, and how that energy might have contributed to their breakup. READ MORE

The Perfect Bachelorette Party Location For Your Zodiac Sign

In all the planning that goes into a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all those secondary (but no less important!) celebrations, like a bachelorette party. The easiest thing to do is let your zodiac sign guide you to the perfect location. It makes sense, right? Bold Aries probably doesn’t want a beach thing, and laid-back Cancer is not interested in a crazy Vegas bender. READ MORE


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Breakups can leave a soft spot of interest that’s easily reignited regardless of how much time has passed — whether it's fueled by hurt or just curiosity. If your ex just got engaged, chances are, you’re feeling some type of way — and let’s be real, it’s totally natural to have mixed emotions. But here are some key things to keep in mind while you send screenshots of the ring to all your group chats process everything. READ MORE

We Tried Dan Levy's Lemon Basil Margarita Recipe

I’m pretty much going to trust Dan Levy’s opinion on…everything. Which is why it’s very exciting that he recently shared a few of his favorite margarita recipes. One is cucumber jalapeño, which is fully calling my name at 5pm. And the other is this curious lemon basil concoction that leaves out a few key classic margarita ingredients. Obviously, we had no choice but to investigate. READ MORE


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