What’s in Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush? The beverage certainly features a unique combo of flavors.

Have Pickles For Dessert When You Sip This Wild Sonic Slush

It's the moment pickle fans have been waiting for.

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Sonic's

Summer is about to get that much sweeter for pickle fans, because a fan-favorite treat is making an epic comeback. Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush is back for 2022, which means you can once again get your hands on the cult menu item to wrap up picnic and beach season. Since the sip hasn’t been available since 2018, you may need a reminder on what’s in Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush? The beverage certainly features a unique combo of flavors.

Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush officially returned at participating Sonic locations on Monday, Aug. 8, and naturally, pickle lovers across the country are celebrating. After all, the comeback of the menu item, which debuted in 2018 for a limited time, comes after plenty of internet campaigning from fans to bring it back — so much so that it even earned the title of one of Sonic’s most frequently requested menu items on social media, according to the company.

What’s In Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush?

Of course, the Pickle Juice Slush is all about paying tribute to the good ol’ dill pickle. It features a blend of salty dill pickle flavor with sweet slush, and the result is a concoction is a refreshing combo that “tastes just like you’re sipping out of the pickle jar,” per the press release.

“Inspired by the legendary craving of pickles, Sonic’s returning Pickle Juice Slush takes the flavor of a salty, dill pickle and combines it with our sweet slush for a totally dill-icious experience!” the brand told Elite Daily in an email. Now, when it comes to actual pickle juice in the slush, you won’t find that in the Pickle Juice Slush. Although, the brand says, “the syrup does have an authentic salty, dill flavor to it.”

When Is The Pickle Juice Slush Available?

If you’re ready to cool off with a chilled tart treat, you can pick up a Pickle Juice Slush at Sonic’s through Aug. 28, while supplies last, and you can even score half-off the menu item any time you order using the Sonic app. For even more sweet and sour goodness, you can also add pickle juice flavoring to any other Sonic sip for an extra charge.

Other Pickle Menu Items At Sonic:

To pair with the return of the beloved pickle treat, you can also order a Big Dill Cheeseburger at Sonic’s through Aug. 28 for only $4.49. The bite, which launched for a limited time in April, will have you chowing down on a combo of pickle fries, crinkle cut pickle slices, and ranch sauce layered atop seasoned beef patty, chopped lettuce, and melty American cheese sandwiched in between a toasted brioche bun.

Courtesy of Sonic's

You can wrap up your pickle meal with Sonic’s Pickle Fries, which are available on Sonic’s Summer Snacking Menu for $1.89 through Aug. 28. Since Sonic’s pickle bites and sips are only available for three weeks, it’s a good idea to get a taste before they disappear.