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BTS' Monochrome Pop-Up In LA Sent Me On An Emotional Roller Coaster

Get in there while you can, ARMY.

BTS may be on a hiatus at the moment, but the group definitely hasn’t left fans alone with nothing to do. Along with plenty of solo albums and music, the Korean boy band also has a new pop-up for ARMY to enjoy.

The BTS Pop-Up: Monochrome experience is a (free!) project RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook put together ahead of their mandatory military service, which features never-before-seen photos of the members and exclusive merch. The space is currently in Los Angeles until May 27, and I stopped by to check out what limited-edition items they had for sale, along with the Insta-worthy photo ops.

Last May, BTS had a pop-up in Santa Monica for the Proof album, which sent me on an emotional roller coaster. This was ahead of Suga’s mini residency at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles for his album D-DAY. At the time, word of the band’s hiatus was still pretty fresh and seeing images of the boys’ entire career, knowing I still had some time to wait before they were all reunited, had me crying in the corner.

However, the best is really yet to come and the first member to return will be Jin on June 12. This will be just in time for BTS’ anniversary on June 13, so it’s a hopeful time in the fandom. With that positivity, the BTS pop-up in LA felt like an early celebration (but still sent me on another emotional roller coaster).

Rachel Chapman

While a majority of the experience is a Monochrome merch shop, there are some nostalgic photo moments from some BTS music videos that make this a stop any ARMY should check out. Before you go, here’s a look inside the BTS Pop-Up: Monochrome and what you should look out for:

You Don’t Need A Reservation For The BTS Pop-Up


There are tickets available for the BTS Monochrome pop-up in LA, but you don’t necessarily need one to get in. The entire experience is free, and walk-ups are welcome. You may just need to wait in a line if you don’t have a reservation.

When my friends and I arrived on Saturday in the late afternoon, there was no line, so we were allowed to enter right away. If you’re just interested in taking pics and seeing what merch they have in stock, it doesn’t really matter when you arrive — but I suggest going later. Each day of the pop-up, the first 200 people who spend at least $250 on merch will get an exclusive Monochrome lanyard that features an ID card, so it may be more crowded in the morning.

Hours vary depending on the day. The BTS Pop-Up Monochrome experience is open:

  • Monday through Thursday — 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. PT
  • Friday through Sunday — 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. PT

If you’re going earlier in the day with a reservation, get there at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Some items may sell out, but they restock the merch each day of the pop-up.

There Are Exclusive Items For The Los Angeles Pop-Up


The Monochrome experience actually started in Seoul, South Korea first, before coming to California. Though most of the merch items are the same, there are a few unique things for Los Angeles. Two of the most popular items are Monochrome shirts with photos of each of the members. There is both a black and white U.S. exclusive tee. Something I really liked that will come in handy this summer is a Monochrome dad hat with “Los Angeles” printed on the front.

While the exclusive pieces may be enticing for locals, the most popular item is the storage box that was at both pop-ups. This collapsible container is useful and unique, which is why it’s become the most coveted. There are also a ton of photo cards and posters of each of the members that are must-haves — especially if you have a bias in the group.

If you haven’t picked up an album from the members’ solo projects, you can find them at the pop-up for $25 each — and they come with special posters that aren’t typically included. You’ll also find home items in the collection, like a candle, lip balm, and lotion, that all smell divine, and packing tape with BTS printed on it.

Rachel Chapman

My must-have item was the Monochrome crewneck with a black and white collar that gives off real tennis-core vibes. It was a bit pricey at $80, but so cute and comes with two special photo cards of the group. For a complete breakdown of prices, here’s a list of what to expect:

  • Printed Photo — $3
  • Photo Card Set — $12
  • Premium Photo — $15
  • Box Tape — $18
  • Sticker Set — $20
  • Hand Cream — $20
  • Multi Balm — $20
  • Postcard Book — $24
  • Keyring — $30
  • Mini Pouch — $30
  • Bottle — $35
  • Storage Box — $38
  • Baseball Cap — $38
  • Fabric Poster — $39
  • Magnet Set — $39
  • Chain Necklace — $39
  • Candle — $40
  • T-Shirt — $45
  • Long Sleeve Shirt — $50
  • Tote Bag — $52
  • Silver Ring — $70
  • Black Ring — $80
  • Sweatshirt — $80
  • Hoodie — $85
  • Canvas Photo — $180

If you’re trying to save money for BTS tickets (when they’re finally all back from hiatus), no need to worry. You get a special packing label sticker when you first enter the pop-up that’s free, and a cute souvenir. Each label is for a different member, so you’ll just need to say who your bias (aka your preferred person in the group) is as you enter.

There Are Some Recreations From BTS Music Videos


This was mostly a pop-up shop, but there are plenty of cute photo ops as well. When you enter, you can take a pic in front of some larger-than-life Monochrome portraits of each of the members. There are also props all around the store that are worthy of a selfie or two.

Before you exit, there’s a space in the back with two scenes from BTS music videos. The first is a table from the “Blood Sweat & Tears” video, and the second is from “Mic Drop.” My friends and I tried to recreate moments for Insta pics.

There’s also a place before you leave to write a note for BTS and throw it into a box. Many of the messages were of love and support. Now that members are slowly coming back from hiatus, things are starting to turn around and I cannot wait to celebrate Festa — BTS’ debut anniversary — next month in my brand new Monochrome sweatshirt.