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3 Zodiac Signs Can Expect August To Be A Quiet Month

It’s time to put your phone on DND.

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Leo season always takes place during Hot Girl Summer, making the sun’s trip through this fixed fire sign a time of energy, confidence, and courage. As it comes to an end in August, however, the vibes will shift in a major way, affecting every zodiac sign differently. While the methodical, detail-oriented energy of Virgo season is a thrill for some, three zodiac signs can expect August 2022 to be the worst month for socializing. Instead, it’ll mark a time to retreat, reflect, and withdraw. An earth sign like Virgo is placed in the hidden houses of each of their birth charts, causing this to be a time for them to quietly draw their energy inward.

Air signs are moved by communication, mental stimulation, and detachment, making the grounded, logical, and productivity-oriented sign of Virgo not a very supportive season for their primary efforts. While Virgo is a mutable earth sign that’s far more flexible than its fellow earth signs, it’s still an energy that’s about critical thinking and nitty-gritty details. As this season begins on Aug. 22, air signs will be called to address the areas of each of their lives that requires them to lean into this energy, which may or may not be easy. Here’s what each of these zodiac signs can expect from this month’s astrology:

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Gemini: You’ll Be Handling Home And Family Matters

This month, the sun will shift into your fourth house of home and family, bringing the need for communication, acts of service, and productivity to the forefront. As the air sign that shares the same ruler as Virgo (Mercury), this energy may feel familiar, but different in some major ways. While you and Virgo are both mutable signs ruled by Mercury, Virgo energy is far more technical, and will require you to slow down and prioritize routine, something you’re not always the biggest fan of. Now is the perfect time to get organized in your home, or offer a helping hand to a family member — anything that allows you to be productive behind closed doors.

Libra: It’s Time For Some Self-Care

As the sun shifts into your 12th house of seclusion on Aug. 22, you’ll be called to quietly recharge your batteries after a very social Leo season. As the relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, this period may feel a bit isolating for you, but it’s the perfect time for you to catch up on your rest, and focus on your mental health before your season comes along. Virgo energy is all about prioritizing efficiency, so during this season, you may find it easier than usual to get organized. Put together a self-care routine, or schedule a follow-up meeting with your therapist — anything that allows you to center your internal self.

Aquarius: Your Boundaries In Relationships Are A Major Priority

On Aug. 22, the sun will shift into your eighth house of secrets, fears, and shared resources, intensifying the relationships that were spotlighted during Leo season. Now is the time to consider how you’ve been setting boundaries between you and everyone else. Have you been taking on too many responsibilities that aren’t actually your own? If so, the scales may need to be rebalanced now. As a Saturn-ruled individual, you’re someone others don’t hesitate to go to when they have a problem. With Virgo season starting, you’ll be feeling more inclined to lend a helping hand to others than usual, but it’s important that you don’t give away so much of your energy that there isn’t anything left for yourself. You may also find that others are confiding in you more now (since Virgo’s ruled by Mercury), so be sure to let others know if you’re feeling burnt out by giving advice.