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The First Eclipse Of 2022 Will Be Powerful, But A Select Few Will Come Out Unscathed

Who will escape eclipse SZN?

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As spring reaches its peak, Taurus season is not only in full swing, but the very first eclipse of 2022 is right around the corner. Since it’s been awhile since an eclipse has illuminated the birth charts of every zodiac sign, I’m happy to remind you what an eclipse actually is: They are super-charged lunations that occur when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned, causing the sun’s light to be interfered with or “eclipsed.” This time around, the sun’s rays will be eclipsed by the moon, causing a solar eclipse in Taurus. While eclipses are incredibly powerful regardless of the sign they take place in, they tend to affect some zodiac signs more than others, based on where they’re occurring in your birth chart. The good thing for certain folks is that this time around is that they will all be the zodiac signs least affected by the April 2022 Black Moon solar eclipse.

Taking place in a fixed earth sign, this Black Moon is all about disrupting everyone’s comfort zone. While security is incredibly beneficial, it can cause us to become stagnant — but since Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the most adaptable signs of the zodiac and incredibly comfortable with change, they may not be disrupted as much as the others.

What Is The Meaning Of A Black Moon?

There are at least three definitions of a Black Moon, but the most common is the second new moon that occurs during one calendrical month. Since there was a new moon on April 1, the new moon on April 30 will be considered a Black Moon (aka Dark Moon or Lilith Moon). This is a pretty rare, as it only happens about once every 29 months.

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Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected Least By The April 2022 Black Moon?

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21-June 21)

As the solar eclipse illuminates your 12th house of seclusion and isolation on April 30, you’ll be inclined to draw your energy inward to take a close look at your mental health and behind the scenes habits. While eclipses in this area of the chart aren’t always incredibly apparent, you’ll definitely still feel the affects. This is a great day to spend by yourself, or somewhere that’s peaceful and quiet. As the mentally charged sign of the zodiac, this eclipse may coincide with some active dreams or ideas, so be sure to pay close attention to what’s on your mind during this time.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23 -Sept. 22)

On April 30, the solar eclipse in Taurus will highlight your ninth house of travel and spirituality, prompting new beginnings in this area. As a fellow earth sign, you likely won’t be disrupted too much by this energy, but you will likely notice some new changes being implemented when it comes to your belief systems and spiritual practices. This eclipse may also coincide with opportunities for you to teach or counsel others, and as the Mercury-ruled sign of the zodiac, these new opportunities are sure to be right up your alley.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30 will take place in your sixth house of work, health, and routines, offering a powerful new beginning as it pertains to your productive endeavors. While this energy may not be incredibly apparent, you’ll be prompted to assess your daily rituals during this time to ensure that they’re supporting you in a way that’s stable and secure. As the adventurous sign of the zodiac, this fixed, earthy energy may not be incredibly familiar, but it will remind you that comfort is something that we can all benefit from — even you.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 19-March 20)

On April 30, the sun and moon will come together to form an eclipse in your third house of communication, hobbies, and ideas, offering you a new beginning when it comes to different skills you’re interested in embarking on. While this energy may not be incredibly noticeable, the eclipse on this day will coincide with you either learning something new or sharing a new idea with friends or family. Whatever new endeavor you embark on now will be sure to blossom into something substantial as the eclipses continue here throughout the rest of the year.