Every Type Of Friend You Need In Your Girl Crew To Make It Through Anything

During times of crisis and heartbreak, we all need a solid group of friends to help us pick up the pieces and remind us of our worth.

And more often than not, each friend in your group will probably play a certain role in your healing process. They each offer a different, vital element to emotional survival.

Each element is equally important; you need all of them to keep you sane and grounded, as they work together to lift you up and bring you closure.

Here are the four friends you need to have by your side whenever you're trudging through a rough patch:

Your smile

She's the friend that keeps you laughing and smiling. She's probably not great at heart-to-hearts, but she'll do everything she can to distract you from your pain.

She's hilarious, goofy and always down for a good time. In fact, she's probably your party friend. Life would be extremely boring without her. But she will always make time to take you out and help you forget about your problems.

This is also most likely the girl you get in trouble with. She'll help you egg your ex's house and get you wasted; she's the cathartic outlet you need.

Sometimes, you just need to forget your pain for a little while and laugh.

Your heart

She's the one you immediately want to call when you're breaking down.

She's probably seen you cry more than any other person, and she feels your pain and worries about you all the time. She's also a huge romantic and probably cries every time she watches "The Notebook."

She's not a big hugger, but she won't hesitate to hold you when you need it — and her embrace means so much to you.

She pushes you to acknowledge your pain and struggles, all while helping you work through them. She helps you heal and keeps you in touch with your emotions.

Just like you need a good laugh, you also need a good cry.

Your backbone

She's the fiercely loyal and protective friend who will force you to stand up for yourself.

She insists you demand and receive nothing but the best. She'll fend off creepy guys at the bar for you, and she keeps it real with you when your boyfriend or another friend is being unfair, even when you try make excuses for them. She's 100 percent on your side.

She can sometimes be a little blunt because she only knows how to give you honesty and support, but she's usually still gentle. That being said, though, she always tells you what you need to hear (even when you don't want to hear it).

Above all, she inspires you and keeps you walking with your head up high.

Your mind

She's your logical friend who helps you solve the puzzles of your life.

She's incredibly organized and studious. (Seriously, she probably does all the reading for every lecture.)

Whatever heartbreak you're going through, chances are, she's been through the same thing or worse, and her story always inspires you. She's one of the strongest people you know.

She'll help you make pro and con lists and to-do lists. She makes you block your ex's social media accounts. And she always helps you problem solve without pushing or criticizing you.

She'll talk you through whatever problem you're dealing with, and walk with you hand in hand to keep you moving forward.

There have been times in my life (hell, in the last year) where I couldn't imagine getting over certain obstacles without my four best friends.

They've each taught me how to be an amazing friend to them, and they've supported me in ways I never thought possible.

Whether these roles are played by your friends or your family members, make sure to thank them for always having your back.