Guys And Girls Confess What Made Them Burst Out Laughing During Sex

by Sean Abrams
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Sure, you intend for sex to always be hot, sweaty, and so mindblowing that you go temporarily blind. But sometimes, things don't always go as planned.

No. Sometimes, sex can be downright awkward.

Noises are made, body parts flop around in the wrong places, you finish way too early, and ultimately, your night concludes in a manner you weren't exactly expecting.

Practice does make perfect, after all. But what do you do in the interim in order to not come off graceless and uncoordinated?

Well, you can just laugh.

Combining the art of sex with a little bit of laughter is the best thing in the entire world. Whether with a random hookup or your long-time SO, cracking a joke or chuckling during an untimely sex dilemma will ease that tension and make for a more pleasurable experience.

Case in point: Up until recently, I'd never been on top before. The guy I was with never requested it, and to be honest, I had no issues getting off in whatever other positions we were in. (Also, I'm lazy.)

When the time came to climb aboard, I was absolutely clueless.

Instead of panicking and playing it off like I was a total pro, I laughed. I made a joke in the middle of our switch, made sure it was very, very obvious that I was an absolute novice and took the opportunity to learn a little something.

Things instantly became much more comfortable and relaxed. In fact, I found that I had a new favorite position!

To prove that it's OK for sex to sometimes be a laughing matter, men and women took to Reddit to confess how they incorporated a little light-hearted humor in the bedroom.

This couple made light of an oddly placed bra:

Last week my partner unhooked my bra while I was on top. It fell onto his chest and lined up perfectly so that it looked like he was wearing it and I cracked up. Gotta be able to laugh! - /u/k8sex

This woman cracked a one-liner while stripping down:

Last night when I took my panties off I whispered, "Whoomp, there it is." Does that answer your question? - /u/JOHNOLIVER2016

This couple couldn't stop laughing from an appropriately timed ball joke:

one time we were going at it, and i had remembered this picture i saw earlier that said "you know the sex is good when it sounds like a white person running in flip flops." i started laughing, because at the moment it sounded exactly like that. i told him why i was laughing and he started laughing, too. we tried to get back into it but just couldn't stop laughing and that ended up being the end of our sex that night lol - /u/runawaykitty

This couple thinks there's no point in sex if you can't have fun with it:

yes. sex can be hilarious. noises, cramps from weird positions, body parts knocking together. if you can't laugh and have fun about it, what's the point? - /u/wanderingdev

This couple proved that if you fall down, you can still keep going:

Earlier tonight we were doing doggie and his foot slip off of the bed and as he was falling he instinctively grabbed me around the waist and brought me down with him. We ended up rolling in such a way that he ended up on top of me while my stomach was on the floor. The whole time he managed to stay inside of me. We just kind of sat there and laughed a little until he said "so...I'm just gonna keep going, then" and I freaking lost it lol. - /u/lemondrop1992

This guy found sex to be the best time for a bone reference:

I get cheeky every now and then. I about killed my wife when I said "there are 206 bones in the human body" she just nodded with an "ok..." look on her face. Then I said "you wanna have 207?" As I poked her with it. Probably my favorite thing to do is tickle her feet during reverse cowgirl. She describes it is "a lot of mixed signals" and she can't stand it. - /u/DanteChurch

This guy couldn't stop laughing during an accidental mint-infused blowjob:

Couldn't stop laughing last night when my SO was giving me a bj after she'd brushed her teeth. The mint made my dingle tingle. - /u/PushingTheRope

This woman found flatulence during sex to be pretty funny:

I recently farted as I was coming. We lol'd about it but it totally killed my orgasm. Later on he said he felt my fart on his balls haha. - /u/_fire_and_blood_

This woman laughed it off after banging her head... while giving head:

Yes. On our last meetup I was performing very vigorous oral on him and ended up banging my head on the nightstand. We both cracked up. I've also fallen off the bed. - /u/PM70

This couple found their disapproving pet hilarious:

All the time! The other day the two of us were cracking up because we realised the cat was watching and was looking very stern and disapproving. That or one of us farts. - /u/SatsumaForEveryone

This couple is very accepting of each other's bodily functions:

One of the things that makes me know I feel really comfortable with my current boyfriend is that we can laugh about stuff like his cock falling out, or one of us farting during sex, or both of us falling off the bed in fits of giggles. In fact farting is one we have become very comfortable with because we sleep spooning naked and fart over each other in the night sometimes. It's just an intimate thing and a sign you can accept each other's bodily functions. What I don't enjoy so much is if one of us is being dominant and we get the giggles, it kills that particular mood for me although might replace it with a romantic one. I want it stern when one of us is in charge. - /u/croissant900

This guy found humor in some unfortunately timed erectile disfunction:

Yes. Earlier my partner couldn't stay hard.. and he was going off about how his penis was not cooperating and that there are 24 hours in a day and the time his penis decided to not cooperate was then and there. We both laughed and I guess it helped take the pressure off. - /u/miniigloo

So, if a little giggling transpires while you're banging, just go ahead and roll with it! Sex and laughter is like peanut butter and jelly: a perfect pairing.

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