Kalen Reacts: TXT Ultimate Dance Challenge

By Bustle Studios
We sat down with Kalen Allen of ‘Kalen Reacts’ to watch Elite Daily's Dance Challenge with K-pop band TXT and his reactions are PRICELESS 😂 Check it out and don’t miss Kalen trying out some TXT’s moves for himself 👀

Team USA's Olympics Winners' Outfits Are Made Almost Entirely From Recycled Materials

By Margaret Blatz
With athletes sleeping on cardboard beds and the medals being made from recycled electronics, recycling is the theme of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Nike is ready to join in the movement, making Team USA 2020 Olympic Winners' outfits from…

Everlane's Very First Leggings Are Coming, & You'll Want To Wear Them Everywhere

By Bella Gerard
I first heard about Everlane, a brand for luxe, ethical basics, when not-yet-duchess Meghan Markle was spotted wearing it on the reg. Since then I've become quite a fan of their chic jumpsuits, sturdy denim, and downright perfect blouses, so when I…

How Should You Show Yourself More Love This Year?

By Allison Berry and Allison Gore

Here's How You Can Pay For Your Gym Membership With A Selfie This January

By Daffany Chan
Kick off the new year with a cool sweepstakes that'll pay for your gym membership. Muscle Milk's January Gym Membership Giveaway will cover your monthly fee to start your decade off with a bargain. Here are the details on how you can score a free…

I'm Wildly Impressed At Khloé K's Gym Insta On Thanksgiving Day

By Roya Backlund
I don't know about you, but on Thanksgiving morning, a workout is the last thing on my mind. What I'm looking forward to is a day of rest and eating as many slices of pumpkin pie as I can stomach, without apology. However, that doesn't mean I don't…

5 Weird Bodily Sensations You May Experience During A Workout

By Imani Brammer and Alexa Mellardo
Have you ever found yourself experiencing weird sensations all over your body during a workout? Aside from the usual burn of an intense gym session, you might notice your thighs have started to itch, you're not breathing normally, and you suddenly…

25 Captions For Workout Pics & Being A #Boss In The Studio

By Marisa Casciano
Sometimes when you're at the gym or stretching on your pilates mat at home, you may decide to pull out your camera. You might snap a few selfies in the mirror where the weights are lined up, or take a picture of your cool sneakers while you wait to…

5 Possible Reasons Why You Don't Feel Sore At All Anymore After Your Workout

By Georgina Berbari and Alexa Mellardo
For some reason, so many of us buy into the belief that feeling aggressively sore is the only indicator of an amazing, effective workout. Even after powering through what feels like a killer sweat sesh, once you wake up the next day not feeling sore…

This Is How Weightlifting Improved My Sexual Confidence

By Hannah Schneider
I've always been aware of how much space I take up in a room. Growing up, I had a distorted relationship with my body, often comparing myself to others. For a long time, my height and size made me wish I was invisible, but that all changed when I…

28 Kayaking Captions For Instagram That’ll Totally Float Your Boat

By Marisa Casciano
I have a quick question for you: In the peak of summer, when the sun is beaming at its brightest and the ocean is warm and salty, are there any adventures you wouldn't go on? If I had to take a wild guess, I would say probably not. You're pretty…

Here's What It's Really Like Being A 'Revenge Body' Trainer

By Sarah Halle Corey
Do your friends tell you you're "celeb obsessed"? Do you follow your favorite celebs' every move? Know their Instagram histories so well that you can rattle off their inner circle by name and IG handle? If yes, Elite Daily's new series, SideClique,…

Lady Gaga's Trainer Explains How She Turns Her Health Into An Art Form

By Kelli Boyle
Do your friends tell you you're "celeb obsessed"? Do you follow your favorite celebs' every move? Know their Instagram histories so well that you can rattle off their inner circle by name and IG handle? If yes, Elite Daily's new series, SideClique,…

7 Signs Your Workout Is Too Intense, So You Know Your Limits

By Julia Guerra
Every fitness journey is as unique as the individuals embarking on them. But I like to think that you and I (and anyone else who's breaking a sweat on the reg) share a common goal: to better our bodies — not to work them into the ground. Eventually,…

Namastay At These 5 Yoga Retreats This Summer & You Should, Too

By Marisa Casciano
On an average weekend, you always try to treat yourself to a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Sometimes, you may make an appointment to get your hair done or your nails painted the perfect shade of pastel pink. Other times, you might text…

If Exercise Space Is Limited In Your Apartment, Consider These Pieces Of Equipment

By Julia Guerra
While packing up my belongings days before my wedding, it struck me that I was the last of four to flee the nest, leaving my parents all alone in a house built for six that could probably fit eight. I remember asking them if they’d given any thought…

8 Leg Workouts That Aren’t Squats, If Dropping Low Feels Lousy

By Julia Guerra
If you could choose one body part to never have to exercise again, what would it be? If you just envisioned sets on sets of sweaty squats, and dreamily opted out of leg day forever, I can relate. Leg day does have a bad rap, but what if I were to…

7 Workouts That Help You Run Faster If You Have A Sudden Need For Speed

By Julia Guerra
If you feel the need for speed, but have been struggling to complete a mile in under 15 minutes, trust me, friend, I know the struggle. Before I even stepped foot on a treadmill, I always just assumed that momentum was something you were born with;…

Experts Reveal How You Should Breathe During Yoga, Because It's More Than Just Inhale, Exhale

By Julia Guerra
Like sleep, filling your lungs with air is something humans come out of the womb knowing how to do. Yet, even though a simple breath is the foundation of life, breathing can be done in many forms — and it can even be done incorrectly. Just as it is…

Millennials At The Gym Can Relate To These 5 Hilarious Struggles On The Reg

By Marisa Casciano
Like many millennials, I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. I love going to yoga and spin classes, because they are really therapeutic and rewarding for me. I don't mind trying out the different machines when I have a fitness-loving friend…