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There are pearl choker dupes to match Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department' necklace.

Love Taylor Swift's $700 Pearl Choker (But Hate The Price)?

How to get the same vibe as the "TikTok necklace," also worn by Zendaya, Rihanna, and Dua Lipa.

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Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department aesthetic is black, white, and full of not-so-hidden gems. With the addition of an all-new TTPD set on the Eras Tour, the “Fortnight” singer has introduced new choreography, fan chants, costumes, and accessories including a $690 Vivienne Westwood pearl choker that Swifties are loving.

The Three Row Pearl Bas Relief Choker first debuted in the British designer’s 1990 Portrait collection, and features a jeweled Vivienne Westwood Saturn logo on the front. Swift alternates between a white and black version of the choker in her Tortured Poets set, depending on the outfit she’s wearing.

And she’s not the only celeb to sport this design: Zendaya, Rihanna, and Dua Lipa, among others, have all worn the choker that was dubbed the “TikTok necklace” back in 2021 after it shot to popularity on the app.

But unless you have a pop star salary, you likely aren’t able to splurge on a Swarovski pearl statement piece. However, there are some gorgeous dupes for Swift’s coveted choker that aren’t just a copy and paste version of the Vivienne Westwood design.

Whether you want a chunky necklace to match your TTPD Eras Tour concert ‘fit or are looking for some astro accent jewels to wear, here seven pearl chokers that are much more budget-friendly:

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This Celestial Pearl Necklace Is Very Stevie Nicks

If you love all things celestial, “to the moon and to Saturn,” you’ll appreciate this lunar dupe of Swift’s pearl choker. Instead of the Vivienne Westwood logo, this gold plated necklace has a crescent moon.

It’s very reminiscent of the song “Clara Bow” from The Tortured Poets Department, when Swift sings about Stevie Nicks and her “half moonshine, full eclipse.”

This Zodiac Sign Necklace Can Be Customized For Your Big 3

Instead of Saturn, wear your zodiac sign proudly with this choker. You could even purchase three different chokers to match Swift’s layered pearl design, and feature your big three (your sun, moon, and rising zodiac signs). That would still be wayyy cheaper than buying just one Vivienne Westwood design.

This style can also be customized with a letter pendant for your name or a snake for Reputation stans.

This Initial Pearl Necklace Is A Personal Choice

Similar to the previous Etsy dupe, you can also get this budget-friendly pearl necklace with your initial on the front. It may not be Vivienne Westwood’s logo, but this is like your own personal brand on display.

You also get to choose between six different font styles to pick out something that fits your aesthetic. The “Font 8” style is very Rep-coded, while “Font 12” has Lover vibes.

This Pearl Choker Comes In 3 Different Lengths

Another option for a pearl choker featuring your initials is this $26 one from Etsy. Along with choosing between your letter or a symbol like a North Star, you can also pick between three different lengths.

This will help when you’re layering up your pearl necklaces to give the same Vivienne Westwood choker look that Swift’s necklace has.

This Zodiac Sign Pearl Choker Has Golden Details

Along with her pearls, Swift has worn a lot of gold jewelry lately, especially at Kansas City Chiefs games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. While it may not be fully white like the one Swift wears during the Eras Tour set, this Calmea Bijoux dupe fits into her current style choices with alternating pearls and gold beads.

For the statement pendant, you have the choice of different astrology symbols, like Sagittarius’ archer symbol.

This Zodiac Symbol Pearl Choker Has A Vintage Feel

Swift’s Tortured Poets Department has a very 1800s aesthetic, when poets like Emily Dickinson were around. Her choker is also a throwback from the ‘90s, so this pearl dupe with stainless steel zodiac sign pendants from the 1980s fits into that vintage feel.

It is a bit more of a splurge than some of these other choices, but worth it for an old school look — and it’s still not as expensive as Swift’s actual design.

This 3-Row Pearl Choker Is The Closest Dupe To Taylor’s Necklace

For an almost exact match, Revolve has this layered pearl necklace. Instead of having to wear three separate chokers, just throw this three row design on.

It may not have as flashy a pendant, but it’ll be a statement piece that’ll fit in with your Tortured Poets ‘fit or Victorian-inspired OOTD.