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13 TikTok Transitions To Show Off Your Taylor Swift Eras Tour ‘Fit

Save these sounds for when you’re ready to make the whole stadium shimmer.

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It seems like just yesterday Swifties were battling to secure tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Now, it’s time to get bejeweled and settle on your concert ‘fit. Whether you’re throwing together something you already own from your closet or DIYing your look, you need these Eras Tour outfit transition ideas from TikTok to show off your ensemble.

Recent tours like Harry Styles’ have made concerts much more than just shows — they’re also events, and a chance to glam it up. Basically, going to a concert in 2023 is like attending the Met Gala, but for your favorite artist. Instead of just a GRWM, show off your OOTD or makeup lewk with a TikTok transition, these reveals give you a chance to have a bibbidi bobbidi boo moment where you go from before to after with the right music and editing.

Since these are Eras Tour TikTok transitions, you want to use some of Swift’s own music and soundbites to help you with your concert outfit reveal. Depending which Swift era you’re channeling, you may want to go with a transition that utilizes “Karma” off the Midnights album. Of course, Reputation girlies know that the “old Taylor” line from “Look What You Made Me Do” is a great choice as well. If you’re a lover of all the eras, you could always film a video for each one. The ideas are as seemingly endless as Swift’s own discography.

This “Karma” Transition Uses AI To Have Swift Hype You Up

Let’s face it, artificial intelligence (AI) has become so advanced that it’s a little creepy. Some AI art generators have the ability to show you what you’d look like in different eras of time — not just Swift eras. They can also create soundbites, which is what this audio from TikToker @hunterlarison has done. Set to the song “Karma” from Midnights, a computer generated voice that sounds like Swift says, “Oh my god, your Eras Tour outfit looks so f*cking good.”

To use this sound as a transition, start your video in some comfy loungewear like TikToker @swiftbetterhavemymoney does, such as your fave Swift sweatshirt. After lip syncing to Swift’s AI line, cut to a shot of you showing off your ‘fit. TikToker @midnightskarma gets fancy with the transition by doing a hand swipe for the cut, which you can use too.

This Fearless Transition Doesn’t Get Any Better

Using the AI again, this Fearless-themed transition from TikToker @midnightskarma has a computer-generated Swift saying, “To be honest, I don’t really know how my Eras Tour outfit gets better than this” before launching into the song “Fearless.” The only issue is it cuts off the song right before Swift sings, “In my best dress, fearless.” That would have been a perfect line if you were wearing a dress inspired by one of the sparkly ones Swift wore during her Fearless era.

This Reputation Era Transition Will Make You Feel “Gorgeous”

Reputation stans will have an easy time finding a TikTok transition to show off their Swift concert outfit. This one from TikToker @midnightskarma also uses AI Swift to say, “My Eras Tour outfit is one word... gorgeous.” There is a missed opportunity to go into the song “Gorgeous,” but it goes into “...Ready For It?” instead. Luckily, “...Ready For It?” is the perfect hype song to get you ready for your show.

This “LWYMMD” Transition For When The “Old Taylor Can’t Come To The Phone”

Of course, another Reputation-era transition idea is to use the “old Taylor” line from “Look What You Made Me Do.” Start recording before you get ready during the phone call, and use your hand as the phone like TikToker @kaiyaolsen does. As you go to hang up your “phone,” cover the lens of your camera and stop recording. This will make editing in your transition to your final look even easier.

This “Paper Rings” Transition Lets You Show The Whole GRWM Process

For anyone planning on doing everything from your hair to your makeup on theme, you might want to do a step-by-step GRWM transition with the song “Paper Rings” from Lover. To make sure your video is quick, use this sped up version that TikToker @kaiyaolsen used as an example for a concert outfit reveal.

Using the countdown in the song, you have four opportunities to show the process of getting ready before your final reveal. You could show yourself in your PJs, doing your hair, getting your makeup on, and adjusting some jewelry.

This “Other Side Of The Door” Transition Is So Smooth

Perhaps you’re into cool transition moves. If that’s the case, this “The Other Side Of The Door” idea from TikToker @kaiyaolsen is so creative. Start recording yourself from one side of a door when you are first getting ready. Then, film yourself on the other side of the door when you’re all dressed up in your Fearless-inspired ‘fit.

This “...Ready For It?” Transition Is Great For Makeup Looks

Planning a stunning makeup lewk to go along with your Swift ‘fit? You’ll want to try this “...Ready For It?” transition idea from TikToker @breereadsalot. At the beginning of the video, show your process of adding some makeup. Before it goes into Swift singing “...Ready For It?”, swipe your makeup brush along the camera and stop recording. Then, record a second video with your lewk all done. Using the editing tool within TikTok, you can easily cut the end and beginning of each video so it looks like just one single swipe of the brush.

This “Paris” To “Welcome To New York” Transition Is For 1989 Girlies

The Eras Tour is all about seeing every single one of Swift’s album eras, but if you’re a 1989 bias, you might want to use this transition idea from TikToker @breereadsalot. The song goes from “Paris” off the Midnights album to “Welcome To New York” from 1989. This would be perfect for anyone going to Swift’s shows at MetLife Stadium.

This “Dress” Transition Is For Anyone Wearing A Dress To The Eras Tour

Many Swifties are planning on wearing dresses inspired by outfits they’ve seen Swift wear before. If you’ve got a purple dress for Speak Now or floral number inspired by her 2021 Grammys dress, you’ll want to use this “Dress” transition idea. When Swift sings “stops,” that’s when you place your hand on the camera, and then take it off to reveal yourself in your dress, like TikToker @breereadsalot demonstrates.

This Makeup Transition For A Cat Eye That’s “Sharp Enough To Kill A Man”

Another makeup transition idea is this one also from TikToker @breereadsalot. Start by showing yourself drawing on your cat eyeliner to “Vigilante Shit.” When the audio cuts to “...Ready For It?”, that’s when you show off your full face done and ready for the show.

This “Wrong Key” Transition For A “Delicate” Reveal

Swift apparently confirmed that “Delicate” will be on the Eras Tour, so to celebrate, film yourself doing an outfit reveal transition to the song. The live performance where she starts out in the wrong key is a great audio for this. Follow TikToker @breereadsalot’s lead by filming yourself before in the wrong key, and then turning your head for the edit into your final ‘fit.

This “Paris” Transition For A Group Of Swifties

Swifties who are getting ready together will want to use this transition idea from TikToker @brennadukes using “Paris” from Midnights. Brenna even shares step-by-step instructions on what to do with each lyric. This works well for two people, but you can always assign parts for more or just show everyone in the final outfit reveal shot.

This “Story Of Us” Transition To Share Your GRWM Stages

Raise your hand if you’re patiently waiting for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) to drop. If you’ve got your arm up, you’ll love this Speak Now outfit transition idea from TikToker @kaiyaolsen. Using a sped-up version of “The Story of Us” from the album, you can showcase different stages of your GRWM process.

You have four getting ready moments before the final outfit reveal, or you can show your process of getting to the stadium. Your final shot can be footage of Swift on stage at the concert.

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