Uche responded to everything said about him in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 5 reunion on Instagram.

Uche Called Out The Love Is Blind Reunion For "Selective Editing"

"Every time someone is on my side—it gets edited out."

by Dylan Kickham

He may not have even been there, but Uche was all anyone could talk about after the Love Is Blind Season 5 reunion. The Houston-based lawyer stirred up all the drama this season after it was revealed he had dated Lydia prior to joining the show. At the reunion, pretty much the entire cast claimed they had cut all ties with Uche due to his drama, but he shot back that he did have support among the cast that was edited out to “control a narrative.”

Shortly after the reunion aired, Uche took to his Instagram Stories to clear up everything that was said about him in a Q&A. He kicked it off by explaining he missed the reunion because he was “out of town on a business trip.”

When asked about being public enemy number one at the reunion, Uche took aim at the edit. He claimed he does have allies among the cast, but any defense of his action was cut from the show.

“Every time someone is on my side—it gets edited out,” Uche wrote. “At the BBQ, Johnie was the only one to stand up for Aaliyah and confirm Lydia was divulging information about me against Aaliyah's wishes. At the reunion, Chris stepped in to say some words on my behalf since we are still friends. Selective editing helps control a narrative. I'm still friends with a lot of the cast.”

Uche also addressed Aaliyah’s claims that he broke up with her after the pods because she “wasn’t his type,” claiming she didn’t take accountability for her own part in the breakup.

“I think Aaliyah is beautiful. Furthermore, I love black women, find black women attractive and date black women,” Uche wrote. “I think it's much easier to find an excuse as to why your relationship didn't work out than to take accountability and address your own faults. Sympathy is the best way to win public favor.”


Finally, Uche also responded to Milton’s claims that Uche has sent him a bizarre text on his wedding day. Uche said the text was following up on a video call he had with Milton a few days earlier, in which Milton seemed concerned about getting married to Lydia.

“Off camera—Milton is more open with his emotions,” Uche wrote. “We had a video chat three days before the wedding where he expressed some serious concerns to me. The text was to congratulate him, but follow up on these concerns. This had nothing to do with Lydia. Milton and I may not have been close, but many of the guys came to me for advice and guidance and I wanted to be there for him and check in on him after our discussion.”