Malia Pyles as Mouse, Maia Reficco as Noa, and Zaria as Faran in HBO Max's 'PLL: Original Sin'
11 Shows Like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

There are so many good options.

Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

As if the Pretty Little Liars universe could get even more complex, PLL: Original Sin is the new, enticing entry to the PLL universe. From hookups, to chase scenes, to the mystery of finding “A,” Original Sin hits a lot of the same vibes as the OG Pretty Little Liars, with some cheeky easter eggs thrown in, too. If you can’t enough of this update to the PLL universe, and need more teen slasher energy, these 11 shows are for you.

PLL: Original Sin follows five new liars — Mouse, Faran, Noa, Imogen, and Tabby — as they are tormented by “A” seemingly because of the sins of their mothers. All five of their moms were shadily involved in the 1999 death of a classmate, Angela Waters. The mystery sparked tons of theories swimming about the identity of “A,” their potential motives, and the suspiciousness of basically every character.

This update to the PLL universe also brings with it serious discussion of modern topics like teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and racism. Thankfully, for fans of the show, Original Sin isn’t the first show to blend teen drama, thriller elements, and honest discussions about real world issues. Here are 11 vibe-matched shows to PLL: Original Sin.

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This 2015 MTV series takes the Scream universe into the modern era with a set of young, diverse characters and an incredibly scary villain. Just like Original Sin, this series pulls from the history of its predecessors while making something new and exciting. The series, now streaming on Netflix, follows a group of teens who have to band together to stay alive when a masked murderer starts attacking teens in their community.


Scream Queens

If you’re into the campy comedy elements of Original Sin, as well as the slasher vibe, you’ll love Scream Queens. The beloved 2015 series takes place on a college campus where all hell breaks loose after the dean declares all students have the ability to enter the formerly exclusive Greek scene. You can stream all episodes on Apple TV and Hulu.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Much like Original Sin, I Know What You Did Last Summer follows a group of teenagers who are hunted by a mysterious killer after a tragic past event. This Prime Video series, loosely related to the 1973 novel and 1997 movie by the same name, stars new talent like Brianne Tju and Ashley Moore. The show gets extra vibe points for including Olivia Rodrigo on the soundtrack.


One Of Us Is Lying

This Peacock original series follows four students as they try to explain what happened the day they all went to detention but one person didn’t survive. Just like Original Sin, the show revolves around secrets and keeps you guessing with suspicious behavior from each character.



Although Revenge isn’t set in high school, its vibes are a perfect match for Original Sin fans. The show follows a woman who returns to the Hamptons to get revenge on the people who wronged her family in years past. The looks alone are reason enough to get obsessed with this 2011 series, now streaming on Hulu.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

What’s better than a horror version of a classic childhood story? Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes the well-loved tale of a teenage witch and turns it darker, with thriller elements and plenty of coming-of-age drama, just like Original Sin. The Netflix original’s showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is the same guy behind PLLOS.


Big Little Lies

Craving the middle-aged mom version of Original Sin? Look no further than Big Little Lies. It may not be as gory, but it definitely delivers in wild drama and intense mystery. The two-season series from HBO follows a group of moms in the wake of one of their husband’s murders. The unfurling mystery will have you riveted, just like Original Sin.


Outer Banks

When you want the intrigue of Original Sin, but could do with a little less blood, try out this Netflix series that follows a group of teens who get caught up in a violent treasure hunt. This beachy teen drama may be a little lighter, but it hits almost all of the same notes as Original Sin with tumultuous romances, adolescent drama, and a few intertwining mysteries.


The Wilds

If you love Original Sin’s interpersonal drama, The Wilds might just be perfect for you. This Prime Video series takes a lot the same thriller elements of Original Sin and puts them into a social experiment setting, following a group of teenage girls stranded on a island, Lord of the Flies-style.


First Kill

Netflix original First Kill follows a teen vampire and teen vampire hunter in a Romeo and Juliet-style romance. The plot may be quite different from Original Sin, but the themes are similar, like trying to do the right thing amid extreme circumstances and finding young love despite intense life-or-death stakes.


Cruel Summer

This teen mystery, streaming on Hulu, takes viewers back to the ‘90s when a popular girl goes missing and an outcast takes her place in the social hierarchy. Just like Original Sin, it captures the ‘90s thriller aesthetic and comments on the cruelty of popularity.