Emma Roberts thinks 'Scream Queens' should return for Season 3.

Emma Roberts Is Ready To Bring Scream Queens Back For Season 3

Chanel has spoken.


Scream Queens may not have let out its last gasp just yet. The campy cult horror series has maintained a devoted fanbase long after its abrupt cancellation in 2017, and fans have been waiting for even a hint of it coming back. And they’re not alone: Scream Queens star Emma Roberts recently said she’s ready to do Season 3. And whatever Chanel says, goes — right?

Scream Queens debuted back in 2015 on Fox. Seen as a brighter, sillier version of creator Ryan Murphy’s other horror anthology, American Horror Story, Scream Queens only lasted two seasons before getting the axe, but it remained a streaming favorite throughout the years thanks to both seasons’ availability on Hulu. In a new interview, Roberts said she thinks it’s time to resurrect the slasher comedy for a third season.

“I mean, look, I want a Scream Queens Season 3 and I think now's the time,” Roberts told “I don't actually know who's in charge of the yes or no to that, but yes, we should make that happen. I'm so happy that people still love it so much. Honestly, we had so much fun making it and the fact that I still see girls and guys dressing up as Chanel Oberlin for Halloween, it warms my heart. So I would love it, I would be so down.”


This isn’t the first time there’s been serious talk about bringing back the Chanels for another murder mystery. Back in 2019, Murphy said he would “do anything to bring [Scream Queens] back,” and went on to confirm Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, and Lea Michele were all interested in reviving the series as well.

However, Murphy also pointed out the obstacle in making a third season: the studio. Scream Queens is owned by Fox, and Hulu has its streaming rights — but Murphy famously has an overall deal with Netflix now. So basically, Murphy needs to work out some sort of agreement with Fox, Hulu, and Netflix before he’s free to bring Scream Queens back. At least fans know the cast is ready to go if that ever happens.