The cast of 'Big Little Lies' is the perfect inspiration for 2019 Halloween costumes.

These 'Big Little Lies' Halloween Costumes Would Make The Monterey 5 Proud

by Dylan Kickham

When it comes to the perfect fashion inspo for your upcoming Halloween parties, look no further than the women of Monterey. Big Little Lies has delivered some of the most memorable and fun looks on television for the past two seasons, which makes it the absolutely perfect choice for a super-relevant 2019 Halloween costume. After all, the second season of the twisty drama was all anyone could talk about this summer. These Big Little Lies Halloween 2019 costumes are the perfect looks to guarantee that you will stand out on Halloween night.

It is very easy to see why Big Little Lies will inspire so many of the best Halloween costumes this year. The prestige drama may be filled with some of the most glamorous outfits on TV (which may make the project of recreating them seem unattainable at first), but the series also delivered so many kitschy costumes along with hilarious, meme-worthy moments that are just begging for a Halloween recreation. Need some help figuring out exactly how you and your crew can channel Monterey's most wanted this year? Here are some of the best outfits and moments to recreate from the show that won't make you break the bank.

1. Disco Diva Realness


As a true gift to all the Halloween lovers out there, Big Little Lies has included a big costume party in both of its seasons. For Season 2, the dress-up bash was '70s disco themed, and each of the ladies totally brought it with big hair, sequins, and hippie-chic flair.

This makes the perfect ensemble costume for you and your crew. To get you started on some ideas, you can easily recreate Madeline Mackenzie's throwback look by pairing a silver sequined top with a retro pink windbreaker.

2. Don't Cross Me


One of the biggest breakout moments from the second season of Big Little Lies was actually just a small but very memorable character choice. During a fight with Madeline, Meryl Streep's character Mary Louise Wright lifted her cross necklace up to just below her mouth as she continued to intimidate her new rival. The moment blew up on Twitter, so obviously it would make a perfect Halloween costume.

Of course, the most important element of the look is your own gold cross necklace that you can hold up to your chin throughout the night. Pair that with a blue-gray cardigan and you are ready to go.

3. The Ice Cream Throw (Not) Heard 'Round The World


Before the latest season of Big Little Lies even began airing, the internet was already going wild over one scene in particular. Set photos showed Reese Witherspoon's Madeline Mackenzie hurling an ice cream cone at Meryl Streep's Mary Louise Wright. For some terrible reason, HBO cut the scene from the show, but you can help it live on by channeling the moment for Halloween.

You can get a close replica of Madeline's floral print top for just over $10, and make sure you have a friend wear Mary Louise's trench coat and sunglasses look from the scene to complete the moment.

It is also probably a good idea to get a fake ice cream cone to carry with you instead of a real one, so you don't have to worry about it melting all night. Thankfully, you can easily find the perfect vanilla prop.

4. Halloween At Tiffany's


Probably the most iconic Big Little Lies looks came from the Season 1 finale, in which all of the women channeled their inner Audrey Hepburn for a costume party. Thankfully, since Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's has already inspired so many costumes, it is easy to recreate Madeline, Celeste, and Jane's Holly Golightly looks.

Of course, these are just a small sampling of options for Big Little Lies fans to bring Monterey to life this Halloween. If you're feeling inspired, look back on some of your favorite outfits or moments from the show and have fun brainstorming ways to make them your own!