Selena Gomez said she considers Taylor Swift to be her "only friend in the industry."

Why Selena Considers Taylor Her Only Famous Friend

Selena doesn’t see herself as *this* type of celebrity.

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Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world, Selena Gomez admitted to having a hard time making friends in Hollywood over the years. “I never fit in with a cool group of girls that were celebrities,” Gomez told Rolling Stone in a Nov. 3 cover story. That doesn’t mean she is without any industry friends. She considers Taylor Swift to be one of her closest confidants.

“My only friend in the industry really is Taylor [Swift],” she said. If you’ve followed either one for some time, her comment shouldn’t come as a surprise. Gomez appeared in Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, as well joined her on stage many times.

Gomez spoke to Rolling Stone ahead of her documentary My Mind & Me’s release. The film, which chronicles Gomez learning to live with depression, lupus, and a bipolar disorder while in the limelight, premieres Nov. 4 on Apple TV+.

As she told Rolling Stone, Gomez credited her depression and periods of self-isolation with hindering her ability to find friendships in her early twenties. “Sometimes it was weeks I’d be in bed, to where even walking downstairs would get me out of breath,” Gomez said, adding that she “spent a few years” contemplating suicide. “I thought the world would be better if I wasn’t there.”

At the time, the Only Murders In The Building star said she felt like she didn’t have anyone to talk to that could directly relate to her experience of being in the public eye. Rolling Stone writer Alex Morris added that Gomez “was struggling” to move past her Disney Channel identity and accept her life turning out differently than she expected.

Namely, Gomez, who turned 30 in July, thought she’d be married by now. “I grew up thinking I would be married at 25,” Gomez said. “It wrecked me that I was nowhere near that — couldn’t be farther from it. It was so stupid, but I really thought my world was over.”

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If her 30th birthday party was any indication, it seems Gomez has finally found a close celebrity circle. Gomez detailed her July party to Rolling Stone, noting she threw herself a faux-wedding party and invited everyone who had once been a big part of her twenties, including those who she isn’t close with anymore. Some of the most famous attendees included Miley Cyrus, Francia Raísa, Camila Cabello, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Cara Delevingne.

“We had lovely drinks, and it was beautiful, and then my friend Cara [Delevingne] comes in and brings strippers,” Gomez said. “So I would like to say it was a mixture of sophisticated and hysterical.”

It’s awesome to hear Gomez eventually found her circle of friends. Now that’s something truly rare.