Several movies are similar to 'Saltburn,' like 'The Talented Mr. Ripley,' 'Gossip Girl,' and 'Cruel ...

10 Shows & Movies Every Saltburn Stan Needs To Watch Next

Who's ready for a messed-up movie marathon!?

There’s a reason Saltburn feels so endlessly re-watchable. The in-all-ways shocking thriller never pumps the brakes once, delivering a deliciously twisted tale of an awkward outcast who lies, manipulates, and screws his way into the gold-plated world of his obsession: the effortlessly charismatic and impossibly wealthy Felix Catton. But it isn’t the first movie to turn social climbing into a devious drama, or to explore just how far bizarre sex scenes can go.

Ever since its debut, Saltburn has been compared to a lot of similar stories about outsiders scamming their way into the upper class. It’s a tried-and-true trope for a reason — viewers get a sense of catharsis as the rich get stomped on, even if the stomper isn’t all that heroic themself. But that’s not all that makes Saltburn so addictive. Its sleek, modern style refurbishes every corner of what should be a stuffy old mansion, and as Oliver’s true intentions become more apparent, he resorts to scandalous sex acts and bloody backstabs to cling onto his newfound lifestyle.

Chances are, if you loved Saltburn, then you’ve probably already rewatched it a few times. Next time you get that Saltburn itch, try one of these movies or shows instead. They’re guaranteed to give you the same vibe.

1. The Talented Mr. Ripley

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There’s a reason Saltburn has been repeatedly compared to this 1999 psychological thriller. Oliver’s obsession with Felix almost precisely mirrors the all-consuming yearning Tom Ripley has for the mega-wealthy Dickie Greenleaf, right down to the homoerotic undertones. Tom may not go so far as to lick Dickie’s bathtub drain, but he does spare no effort in scheming, seducing, and — if all else fails — slashing his way into Dickie’s world of privilege.

2. Gossip Girl

From its alt-rock soundtrack, the Catton family’s movie night selections, and various winking outfit choices, Saltburn is actually a very specific period piece — an ode to 2007. And for anyone who grew up during that era, one TV show will always be top of mind. Yes, Gossip Girl is another peak-2007 project, but its more than just timing that makes it a perfect pairing for Saltburn.

The final-moment revelation that one-time outcast Dan Humphrey had secretly orchestrated all of the events that led to him infiltrating the most elite social circle in Manhattan is actually so similar to Oliver’s big manipulation confession at the end of Saltburn. Basically, Oliver is just a kinkier Dan, which naturally makes Felix an even hornier Serena van der Woodsen.

3. The Roommate

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Speaking of Gossip Girl, one of the teen drama’s stars went on to do an even more Saltburn-coded thriller in 2011. In The Roommate, Leighton Meester amps up her Blair Waldorf-ian manipulations to scary new levels, as her character Rebecca weaves a web of lies to keep her college roommate Sara (Minka Kelly) close to her.

Just as Oliver’s obsession with Felix blurs the lines of whether he wants to be with him or be him, Rebecca similarly transforms herself into a perfect clone of Sara, and goes to murderous lengths to keep up the act.

4. Single White Female

The plot of manic obsession in The Roommate and Saltburn isn’t new — most movie fans will trace this specific type of story back to 1992’s Single White Female. In the psychological thriller, Allie becomes increasingly disturbed by her new roommate Hedy, as she starts changing her appearance to look like her and starts threatening everyone in Allie’s circle. While their shared New York City apartment isn’t as grand as Saltburn manor, it’s still very ornate, and Hedy is willing to go to sexual extremes just like Oliver to achieve her twisted goal.

5. You

Penn Badgley followed in Leighton Meester’s footsteps by also turning his Gossip Girl character into an unhinged, stab-happy stalker in his other major project. In You, Dan Humphrey is done hiding behind a blog, and instead goes on the prowl as the even deadlier baseball cap enthusiast Joe Goldberg.

Like Oliver, Joe has a habit of hyper-fixating on his true love... even if she’s a total stranger to him. Joe’s sexual exploits are more awkward than Oliver’s — like public masturbation and swinging with his neighbors — but it’s hard to overlook both characters’ shared inability to separate sex and murder. These carnal boys just like to get dirty, whether it’s an act of pleasure or pain.

6. Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike’s casting in Saltburn is just part of all the DNA the movie shares with Pike’s best-known thriller, Gone Girl. In the 2014 film, Amy Dunne is operating at the same level of calculated deception as Oliver Quick — devising the perfect plan to fake her own murder and then totally flip the script, leaving a trail of every bodily fluid imaginable in her wake.

Maybe if Oliver was dealing with Amy Dunne instead of Lady Elspeth, he wouldn’t have been dancing around that mansion in the end.

7. Obsessed

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In Saltburn, it quickly becomes pretty clear nobody in the world could distract Oliver from his singular focus on Felix — probably not even Beyoncé. It was the same for the highly motivated seductress Lisa when she met Derek in 2009’s Obsessed. Best known as the only thriller Beyoncé has ever starred in, Obsessed sees the superstar as spurned housewife Sharon, who begins to realize her husband’s co-worker has been getting very forward with him.

The whole salacious entanglement ends in an all-out brawl that makes Oliver and Felix’s climactic fight seem tame by comparison.

8. Eyes Wide Shut

Saltburn’s most shocking moments are its unexpected sexual acts set against the backdrop of a pristine mansion. It’s the same formula that made 1999’s psychosexual drama Eyes Wide Shut such a hit. The movie centers on a masked orgy, as unfulfilled couple Bill and Alice grapple with how much to give into their most depraved sexual desires. If you want even more of Saltburn’s jaw-dropping sex scenes, this should be your next watch.

9. Ingrid Goes West

Stories of obsession take on a disturbing new layer in the digital age. Just imagine how much scarier Oliver would have been with an iPhone! Well, you don’t have to imagine too much, because 2017’s Ingrid Goes West provides a pretty good idea. The dark comedy follows the social media-obsessed Ingrid, who uproots her entire life to move to California and insert herself in the life of her favorite influencer, Taylor Sloane. As you can probably imagine, things kind of fall apart after a while.

10. Cruel Intentions

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Oliver uses sex as a pivotal chess piece in his master plan; something he has in common with step-siblings Kathryn and Sebastian in 1999’s Cruel Intentions. Much like how Oliver controls potential threats like Venetia and Farleigh with unfeeling sexual acts, Kathryn and Sebastian play out their own cat-and-mouse game by carelessly seducing and spurning whoever they feel like. Maybe Oliver is actually their long-lost third step-sibling.