Kylie Jenner revealed her son's name is Aire Webster and shared photos of him on Instagram.

Kylie’s Son’s Name Is The Perfect Match For Stormi

The vibes are ~atmospheric.~

WWD/Penske Media/Getty Images

The baby formerly known as Wolf Webster finally has his official name. Kylie Jenner had been keeping her son out of the public eye for nearly a year since his birth, but she surprised everyone with his social media debut and name reveal just a couple weeks ahead of his first birthday. Now, it’s time to meet Aire Webster at long last, and fawn over all the adorable photos his proud mama must’ve been waiting to share.

The mystery around Jenner’s second baby is something that had fascinated fans throughout all of 2022. After Jenner gave birth to her son on Feb. 2, 2022, she announced his name was Wolf, only to then reveal she changed his name to something else a month later. Ever since, KarJenner fans have been trying to guess what Stormi’s little bro could be called — and now they finally have an answer. Jenner shared that her son is named Aire in an IG post on Jan. 21. Obviously, the KarJenner fam loves a theme when it comes to names, and the atmospheric connection between Stormi and Aire is clear to see.


Jenner also clarified exactly how Aire is pronounced, commenting on a fan’s video questioning if the name was said like “air” or “airy.” The mother of two confirmed it’s a one-syllable name: “Air,” she commented.

Along with the name reveal, Jenner shared photos of Aire’s face for the first time ever. She’d previously only shared obscured pics of her son, but now Aire has officially made his social media debut with four adorable pics shared to his mother’s grid.


Aire Webster’s big debut came a week-and-a-half ahead of his first birthday on Feb. 2, 2023. The post also arrived a couple weeks after reports that Jenner and Aire’s father, Travis Scott, had broken up. The couple has had a famously on-again, off-again timeline in their six years together, but no matter their relationship status, remain committed to co-parenting their kids, Stormi and Aire.

Hopefully, Jenner’s surprise decision to share Aire’s name and photos publicly so close to his birthday means tons of cute birthday party pics are on the horizon.