Lily Collins as Emily and Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in Emily in Paris
8 Emily In Paris Season 4 Theories

How dare the show leave off on such a cliffhanger?

by Ani Bundel
Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix © 2022

The longer Emily Cooper stays in Paris, the more complicated her life becomes. Season 1 ended with her sleeping with Gabriel before he left the city, only to discover, surprise, he was staying in Paris after all. Season 2 ended with Gabriel and Camille moving in with each other just as Emily decided to act on her feelings for him. But even so, nothing prepared viewers for Season 3’s cliffhanger, and these Emily In Paris Season 4 theories are all anyone has to hold onto until the show returns.

Warning: Major spoilers for Emily in Paris Season 3 follow. When viewers discovered Season 3 was going to end with a wedding — specifically Gabriel and Camille’s — it looked like any chance Emily had with the French chef was over. Even though she secretly hoped Camille’s affair with Sofia would come to light and break the two up, she wasn’t willing to be the one to do Camille dirty and rat her out.

Taking the high road had its benefits, as Camille’s guilt over her affair — and her tricking Emily into letting Gabriel go in the first place — was apparently eating her up. Even so, she didn’t finally break until the wedding was underway, telling Gabriel he and Emily belonged together right there at the altar before fleeing the room.

But it wasn’t that simple, despite Camille’s best efforts to make amends. Gabriel was marrying Camille in the first place because she was pregnant, and no amount of altar-timed meltdowns would change that they were very likely having a baby.

Here are some possibilities for when things go next in Emily in Paris Season 4.


Emily & Gabriel Still Don’t Get Together

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If there’s one thing the show has established about Emily, it’s that she tries to do the right thing... at least, the right thing from her Midwestern American perspective. No matter what Camille says or how hard Alfie dumps her, Emily is unlikely to get in between prospective parents.

Gabriel could get down on one knee with the largest diamond this side of the Eiffel Tower, and Emily would probably still say no. That doesn’t mean Gabriel and Emily aren’t endgame (eventually), but it seems like there are a lot of details to be worked out before she would be comfortable getting into a relationship with someone who is about to become the father of someone else’s kid.


Camille & Sofia Run Away To Have The Baby In Greece

Just because Emily might follow her principles of sacrifice doesn’t necessarily mean Camille will follow suit. She tried to give up Sofia for a stable family situation, and she couldn’t go through with it. Her next move is almost certainly groveling at Sofia’s feet, explaining she’s pregnant (if Sofia didn’t already know), and trying to do what was expected of her.

If Sofia is as in love with Camille as she seems, she’ll step up to the plate and take her girl home to Greece to have the baby. Camille’s family won’t like it, but as Camille (finally) said to her mother in the finale, “It’s my life, not yours.”


Gabriel Tries To Open A Restaurant In Greece

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Camille’s dramatic exit from their wedding leaves the ball in Gabriel’s court. He’s just successfully launched a high-end restaurant in Paris, and until now, he planned to make a long-term success of it while marrying the mother of his kid and raising a family. He could convince Emily that they can make a blended family work, but chances are she’ll refuse.

So what does one do if the mother of his kid just left him and maybe ran away to Greece with her girlfriend? Gabriel’s flexible; he’ll launch his next eatery in the heart of the Mediterranean. Antione won’t mind funding that, right?


Antoine Offers Sofia Her Own Gallery In Paris

This isn’t Emily in Greece — if the show does put a significant amount of the main cast in a different country, there will need to be a way to bring them back. One idea? Antoine could swoop in and stop this international travel by giving Sofia and Camille a reason to live in Paris. I mean, Paris is the art capital of the world, and Sofia and Camille probs want to be where the action is. Antoine giving Sofia the funding to start her own art gallery would solve a host of problems, putting everyone back in Paris by the season finale.


Sylvie & Her Husband Live Happily Ever After

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Perhaps the biggest surprise of Season 3 — other than Camille’s bun in the oven — was Sylvie’s romance. The married head of Savior has been going through men like tissues since the first season, but it turns out her heart still belongs to the one she married originally, Laurent.

Despite their ups and downs, Season 3 ended with the two finding their way back to each other, and though the road probably won’t be smooth, it’s clear that by the series’ end, these two are destined to live happily ever after in their own way.


Luc & Julien Take Over Savior

While Sylvie’s love life is going well, her new agency, Agence Grateau, is about to hit turbulence. After three seasons of playing backup, Julien is ready to take center stage. Season 3 ended with him calling up another company that’s been headhunting him. (Could it be Savior or JVMA? Mon dieu, almost certainly.)

It looks like Sylvie waltzing in and out of Savior with her little ducklings behind her will not last. But considering she and Laurent will probably retire to St. Tropez sooner rather than later, it looks like this could bring another mass migration back to the luxury brand, ultimately leaving Luc and Julien in charge.


Mindy & Benoît Win Eurovision

After Benoît again disappeared over feelings of inadequacy, Mindy decided it was high time to move on and wound up in a relationship with her old teenage crush from boarding school, Nicolas. But at the end of Season 3, Benoît returned, revealing his disappearance wasn’t over his ego: Actually, he’d submitted their song, “Mon Soleil,” to the Eurovision Song Contest, and the jury had selected it as the French entry.

That means Mindy and her band are heading to Eurovis, and Nicolas will have to like it or lump it. Whether or not Mindy winds up with Benoît or Nicholas remains to be seen. However, with a Big Five ticket directly to the Grand Final, everyone in Emily in Paris will be cheering for France’s inevitable win. Liverpool 2023, baby.


Emily Finally Learns French

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Stranger things have happened!

Emily’s inability to speak the language of her new home has been a running joke for three seasons. It’s about time some of that bilingual stuff took. Exactly how or why her need to speak the language will emerge remains to be seen, but once she does, it will be the final nail in the coffin of any chance she’ll return to Chicago.

Emily in Paris Seasons 1 through 3 are streaming on Netflix. Season 4 is expected in 2023.