Benoît on 'Emily in Paris' Season 2 is played by Kevin Dias.

Here's Everything To Know About Benoît From Emily In Paris

Prepare to fall in love.


Emily in Paris has always been known for its bright fashions, luxe settings, and romantic drama, but Season 2 added something even more exciting to the mix: music. Although fans got to hear Emily’s BFF Mindy sing a few times in Season 1, she really put on a show in the second season, and a lot of that is thanks to her newfound collaborator, Benoît. The role is a big break for Kevin Dias, who plays Benoît on Emily in Paris, as it’s a perfect opportunity to show off his skills both as an actor and a musician.

Spoiler alert: This post contains light spoilers from throughout Emily in Paris Season 2. Mindy and Benoît didn’t exactly have the perfect meeting. He and his bandmate Étienne discovered her working as a bathroom attendant in a drag club and asked her to join their band. Unbeknownst to Mindy, the band was actually busking for change — not exactly the boost for her singing career she was hoping for. She was also shocked to learn Benoît was interest in her, having assumed he was gay since they met at a drag club.

After those initial hiccups, Mindy and Benoît began their epic, musical love story, performing swoon-y duets and writing love songs together. But of course, another wave of drama had to come crashing down eventually. When Benoît learned Mindy came from an extremely wealthy family, he felt deceived and used. Thankfully, it all smoothed over in the end, when Mindy sang the song Benoît had written for her, and the two ended the season with a big kiss.


This isn’t Kevin Dias’ first time tackling an epic French romance. In fact, Dias’ first ever film role was in the iconic 2001 film Amélie as the younger version of the character Bretodeau. He’s probably best known for starring in the French series Sam since 2016, playing the role of Alex.

In addition to acting, Dias is also a model and musician. His Instagram features tons of his photoshoots and campaigns as a model, as well as cute pics with his two-year-old son, Milo. Dias is married to fellow model Margot Milani, and they welcomed baby Milo in 2019. Dias’ TikTok is also full of adorable videos featuring Milo.

Get lost in Benoît and Mindy’s musical love story on Emily in Paris Season 2, which is streaming now on Netflix.