Selena Gomez Posts Instagram Story Of The Weeknd's Concert With A Heart Doodle

by Tim McGovern

If you're Justin Bieber, I'd look away from your laptop or mobile device right now. You don't want a repeat of Pee-Gate (which he alleges didn't actually involve urine. Yeah. Sure).

Is Justin gone? OK, good, because it's about to get downright adorable up in here.

Selena Gomez may not want to be defined by whom she dates, but she can't help but be relationship goals after posting this Instagram Story of her watching The Weeknd perform on the screen AND WHAT'S THAT?


Speaking of babies, at the end of the clip, Selena briefly sighs,

Ooh, baby.

While it's unclear whether she said "Oh, baby" or "Aye, baby," what is sure is she used the term "baby." That's right, we have a baby, folks. (This phrase uttered in any other context is kind of terrifying.)

OK, go with me on this.

Selena has called The Weeknd "baby" in a super moaning voice and just scrawled a beautiful, anatomically incorrect heart on an Instagram Live video.

*Takes a deep breath*

Do you think Selena and The Weeknd have said they love each other yet?

I mean, I don't think I'd ever pay for my SO's $30,000 birthday bash tab or wear their merchandise unless I was very much in love with them.

Maybe if they had some really sick merch, I'd wear it. And if it was a $3 tab, maybe I'd pay that. Maybe.

Of course, let's not forget all the PDA sessions they've had. But as I've personally learned, just because you made out on a yacht doesn't mean they love you.

That's right. I made out with Meryl Streep on a yacht, and she doesn't love me. What? WHAT?!

(This never happened... outside of my fan fiction "Meryl, Me And The Sea Makes Three.")