Justin Bieber Finally Explains Those Pics That Look Like He Peed His Pants

by Alexandra Svokos

Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Thursday night to try and explain exactly what happened to make it look like he had thoroughly peed his pants.

The pants-peeing pictures emerged from the paparazzi earlier this week. It showed Bieber walking down the street with a giant mark on his crotch while wearing sweatpants.

And then, as anyone would, he proudly marched on by and got a green juice. Gotta admire that confidence?

At first, Bieber had some fun with what looked like the pee mark.

On Thursday, he posted a meme of himself on Instagram. The meme included a quote from the classic Adam Sandler film "Billy Madison," saying,

You ain't cool... unless you pee your pants.

Bieber appeared to be making the most of the moment.

But then, Bieber tweeted that it wasn't actually pee.

On Thursday night, he tweeted out an explanation.


He said on Twitter,

Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my dick area...Didn't bother me if it made ya laugh nice!

So, OK, let me get this straight.

Someone gave Bieber some flowers. They had to have been in a vase because otherwise where is this water coming from?

So, what? Bieber's driving while carrying a vase that someone just happened to give to him in a situation in which he had to carry them in the car and then he made a turn and tipped the water just right exactly on his "dick area?"

OK, sure.

The internet responded to Bieber's pee explanation just about exactly how you expected.

With eyebrow-raising horniness...


... and incredulity in the form of the month's topical meme.

And then, of course, there was a bit of a mix of both reactions.

Unfortunately, we don't have another side to this story, so we have to stick with what Bieber told us.

... Or continue to speculate wildly because that story was insane, whatever.