A new BTS documentary is coming to Disney+ in 2023

A New BTS Docuseries Is Coming, But It’ll Be A Wait

*Googles how to be patient*

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So much new BTS content is on the way. On July 11, the group’s agency, HYBE, announced a new streaming deal with The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific that includes five upcoming HYBE projects across Disney’s global streaming services. Three of the five have been revealed — and they each involve BTS.

The first of these three aforementioned projects is called In The Soop: Friendcation, a reality series that’ll star BTS’ V, Itaewon Class’ Park Seo-joon, Parasite’s Choi Woo-shik, Soundtrack #1’s Park Hyung-sik, and rapper Peakboy. The show will follow this group of friends as they go on a trip and participate in a series of adventures together. According to Billboard, it’ll first air on the Korean networks JTBC and Hotstar on July 22 before arriving on Disney+ in select areas at a later date. (So far, a U.S. release date has yet to be announced.)

Meanwhile, BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage — LA is an upcoming concert film that will chronicle the group’s November 2021 performance at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles. The four-day event was the first of BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage mini-residencies. In March, they held another set of concerts in Seoul, and the following month, they performed four shows in Las Vegas. (A release date for the Permission to Dance on Stage project has yet to be announced.)

And while those two projects are surely exciting, this one takes the cake: The septet will launch a brand-new docuseries titled BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star. Here’s what you should know about the project ahead of its 2023 release date.

What is BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star about?

According to a press release by HYBE, BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star will explore the K-pop group’s rise to fame and mega success. “With unprecedented access to a vast library of music and footage over the past nine years, the series will feature the daily lives, thoughts, and plans of BTS members, as they prepare for their second chapter,” the statement reads. “The docu-series will be available exclusively on Disney’s streaming services next year.”

Of course, this “second chapter” HYBE references is likely BTS’ focus on solo projects. On June 14, the group announced they would be taking a short break from group activities in order to focus on their individual careers. J-Hope kicked things off by dropping his first solo album, Jack In The Box, on July 15, and he’ll soon take the stage solo at Lollapalooza on July 31.

When will BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star premiere?

The docuseries doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but HYBE teased in their press release that it’s set to arrive sometime in 2023.

Where can I stream BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star?

HYBE said the series will be available exclusively on Disney’s streaming services, although they didn’t specify on which platforms. The project will likely be available in select countries on Disney+, similar to In The Soop: Friendcation.