BTS member Jimin's tattoo collection just grew

Jimin’s Latest Tattoo Is Honestly So Meaningful

He revealed it on Weverse.

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It’s official: Almost every member of BTS has tattoos. Out of them all, Jungkook has the most with nearly 30 pieces of ink. While the rest of the guys only recently debuted their first-ever tattoos on Instagram, Jimin has gradually grown his collection through the years. So, how many tattoos does he have in total? I broke it down.

Unlike the other members, Jimin has kept his tattoos pretty private. He hasn’t posted photos of most of them on social media and hasn’t really talked about them publicly, either. In fact, fans know they exist largely because many have seen glimpses of them in BTS’ YouTube videos, live streams, and live performances. They were definitely hard to spot since most of his tattoos are small and in places that can be easily covered up, like his wrist, elbow, and torso. So far, fans have theorized that Jimin has at least six tattoos, but it could be more.

In case you’ve missed any of them on account of obsessing over Jimin memes, I compiled a list of tattoos the ARMY thinks they’ve seen on Jimin through the years.

1. "Nevermind"

Jimin's "Nevermind" tattoo was, at one point, one of the greatest mysteries in the BTS fandom. When Jimin first debuted the ink at BTS' MAMAs stage with Block B in December 2014, fans knew it was fake and just part of the performance concept since the tattoo seemed to have disappeared from Jimin's torso after the performance.

However, fans noticed the tattoo again during BTS' MGA performance in November 2018. They spotted it again when Jimin lifted up his shirt during his "Serendipity" performances throughout BTS' 2019 Love Yourself tour.

There's no telling exactly why Jimin decided to get the once-fake design tattooed on his torso for real, but it's safe to assume the design came to mean a lot to him.

2. "13"

Fans first spotted Jimin's "13" tattoo when BTS did their annual VLIVE comeback special just hours ahead of dropping their album Map of the Soul: 7 on Feb. 21, 2020. At one point during the livestream, Jimin lifted up his arms and revealed his "13" tat on his wrist. Fans saw it again during BTS' M Countdown performance on Feb. 27, 2021, as well as during Jimin's March 30 VLIVE that following month.


The number is an important to Jimin. BTS' debut day was on June 13, 2013, and Jimin's birthday is Oct. 13.

3 & 4. "Forever Young" Elbow Tats

At the end of BTS' M Countdown performance on Feb. 27, 2020, fans saw what appeared to be two bandages on Jimin's elbows. Fans first thought Jimin got new tattoos, with one on each arm. Their suspicions were confirmed during a June livestream when they realized Jimin had gotten “Young” and “Forever” inked on his elbows. The tattoos seemed like a reference to one of his favorite BTS tracks of the same name. What made the tats even more special is they appear to be in the same font as his "Nevermind" tattoo.

5. Crescent Moon

Jimin debuted his fifth tattoo, which is a crescent moon on his neck, at BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Seoul on March 10.

6. “7”

After RM debuted a “7” tattoo on his Instagram Story on June 10, Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook revealed they got the ink as well. During BTS’ June 14 FESTA dinner video, Suga also teased he would get the tattoo at some point. As for Jimin, on June 12, photos went viral of him outside of Mnet Studios sporting a “7” tattooed on his finger. According to Koreaboo, fans thought they saw the “7” on Jimin’s finger again during the group’s June 16 performance on M Countdown. However, he didn’t confirm it himself until June 28 on Weverse.

“You all probably know already but it’s friendship tattoo I got,” he captioned the shot, according to a fan translation by @BOMHARU1230 on Twitter. “I wanted to show you while I’m holding the mic [on M Countdown] but because my hands are too small it turned out that it wasn’t visible when I held the mic hehehe. With a disappointed heart, I’m at least posting a picture of it.”

So, it appears Jimin has six tattoos, though most aren’t confirmed by the star himself. Still, something tells me Jimin may add to the possible collection at any time. For now, fans are fiercely on the lookout.

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