BTS fans will love these 20 Jimin memes

20 Jimin Memes Every BTS Fan Will Want To Steal

His reactions are priceless.

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Every few months, the internet is blessed with new viral memes that perfectly sum up relatable situations. While some people patiently wait for new ones to be shared, stan Twitter often creates their own memes starring their favorite celebs. Since BTS is always sharing behind-the-scenes videos and hilarious tweets, the ARMY can't help but screenshot the members' funny reactions and convert them into shareable images for the entire fandom to enjoy. Jimin is one of the members with the most priceless reactions, and these 20 Jimin memes prove it.

Many of these memes are plucked from the group's interviews, BangtanTV clips, VLives, and Run BTS! episodes. Whether Jimin remains silent after reading a cheeky fan comment or gives side-eye to a member to playfully tease him, he can express his mood or attitude with just one look. After taking a screenshot of his expression, the ARMY then pairs Jimin's funny face with equally hilarious commentary. The result? An iconic meme that fans talk about for weeks on end.

There are so many good Jimin memes on Twitter, but here are some of the best.

1. When someone comes up with a brilliant idea.

2. When you pretend everything is fine but it's really not.

3. When you're at a total loss for words.

4. When you've come to a terrible realization.

5. When you see something online you shouldn't have.

6. When you're up to no good.

7. When someone isn't listening to you.

8. When you see a new BTS picture.

9. When you listen to a BTS song for the first time.

10. When you're absolutely fed up with your sibling.

11. When you see something terrifying.

12. When your friend says something questionable.

13. When all of your siblings are fighting but you choose to stay out of the drama.

14. When you want to show BTS how much you love them.

15. When you think you spotted a new tattoo on Jimin.

16. When Ticketmaster crashes while you’re trying to buy BTS tickets.

17. When a troll makes a BTS hate comment.

18. When BTS becomes suspiciously quiet on social media and you think a comeback may be on the way.

19. When you see that Jimin posted on Twitter.

20. Finally, when someone mentions BTS.

Next time you can't fully express your feelings through a simple text or tweet, try using one of these Jimin memes. There's likely one that will apply to whatever situation you're in. Like Jimin says in his Map of the Soul: 7 solo track, "Filter," there are many sides to him. Pick your filter, ARMY.

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