10 Ways I Show My Boyfriend Love That He Never, Ever Notices

Kayla Snell

Being in love is actually all the stuff the movies say it is.

It's somebody to lean on when life gets weird and difficult out there. It's someone to remind you you're special, noticed and important. It's long nights actually chilling and watching Netflix on the couch. It's trying out new recipes or activities with someone who makes you laugh, smile and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

But also, love is, like, a LOT of work, you guys.

I mean, sharing your life with someone comes with giving up some degree of your independence. And suddenly, you always have to fill someone else in on your schedule and make decisions with another human weighing in.

The biggest, largest difference is every move you make isn't 100% self-serving, and you not only are maintaining happiness for yourself, but for another person as well. How very generous of us, couples!

Fortunately, I've found my person whom I mesh with, and I really make an effort to keep the love alive in all the small ways I can.

Sure would be nice if he gave a shit sometimes... AMIRIGHT?

Here are 10 genius ways I show my BF I love him that totally go unnoticed.

1. I keep track of how long it's been since we changed the Brita filter.

Maintaining the day-to-day needs of a house is tedious and always ends up feeling like a huge waste of time, even it requires only a few minutes.

And if it weren't for my impeccable attention to detail, we could be drinking shit-filled water for all my BF and I know. Good thing I get off my butt and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT once every three months.

2. I change my underwear every single night and every single morning.

What is the normal amount of times for people to change their underwear per day? Like, once?

Well, guess what, gents? This fresh-smelling butt changes hers AT LEAST twice a day — once in the morning, once at night and again if I work out.

That's right. I'm like a fresh field of daisies on a spring afternoon. Why? Because I love my boyfriend. (Also, I'm a hypochondriac riddled with anxiety and live in fear of yeast infections, but it's mostly because I love my boyfriend.)

3. He's a righty, so I make sure his side of the medicine cabinet is the right side.

Convenience is everything.

The small gesture of putting his Tums on the right side of the medicine cabinet so he can grab them with his right hand is my way of telling him I'm here. I care. I'm sorry about his indigestion, and I want it to go away a fraction of a second faster than it would if I had put the Tums on his left side.

4. I hate Dave Matthews, and I hate that my BF loves him, but I let him listen to him anyway.

Actually, I don't know why I put up with this one. He should put in his headphones, and show ME some love!

5. I tolerate his cologne, which is too strong, too sweet and too everywhere on his body.

This is a tricky gray area. You see, I know he puts on cologne to smell nice for me, and I also happen to know he spent a lot of time and money picking this one out.

The line is ultimately blurred between letting something go to make your SO feel appreciated, and having the awkward "I seriously hate this thing that you do" talk in order to get on with your lives. In this case, I'll consider myself a brave martyr.

6. I know he likes to use big spoons when he eats rice, so I keep them on top of the little spoons, even though it makes sense to keep them on the BOTTOM of the spoon pile.

When you fall in love with someone, everything they do seems to have significant meaning.

I picked up on the rice and spoon habit early on in our relationship, and I quickly learned it wasn't going anywhere fast.

So, by cooking his favorite thing for him on the regular and making his utensil of choice more accessible, I basically win Girlfriend of the Year or something, right?

And seriously, who uses spoons for rice?

7. I force him to use face lotion so he doesn't age too quickly.

Not just any girlfriend would share her prized skin care products. Good thing I'm around to make sure his handsome mug stays healthy, hydrated and smoochable.

Also, I have a lot of fun popping those blackheads... wait, what? I mean, EW, GROSS.

8. I know it actually is important that we have throw pillows on our bed.

It makes us adults in an adult home with adult things, like shams.

Look, we live in a sophisticated society, people. We can't just sleep on a fitted sheet with any old comforter. And to ensure optimum comfort and coziness, it is critical we have a bottom sheet, top sheet, duvet, duvet cover, throw quilt, matching shams and throw pillows.

If he can't understand how purchasing and maintaining this absolute luxury is a labor of love, then maybe we shouldn't be together at all.

9. I hang our Christmas decorations.

Does he think they just hang themselves? What are we? Barbarians?

He should consider himself #blessed that I have a bachelor's degree in cheer and merriment.

10. I'm the big spoon sometimes.

I know, right?

If there is one thing I love about dating a big, hairy man, it's that I get to feel tiny.

I don't know why that's always been important to me, since love can come in any shape and size, but somewhere, it was shoved into my brain that a sign of femininity and beauty was to be a pint-sized human with delicate features and small hands.

I came with sort of squishy features and average-sized hands, so being the little spoon was all I had. And damn it, wouldn't you know this lumberjack I call my BF loves to be spooned. And I love him, so I'll do it.

Ah, the burdens we all carry.

Well, in the end, it's better to have loved and big spooned than to have never loved at all. That's the way that quote goes, right?