Women Share What They'd Say To Their Exes If They Saw Them Again


It's something that we all think about (whether or not we're willing to admit it): What the heck would you say to someone you once loved if you bumped into them on the street?

While it's easy to rehearse a monologue of "I'm sorry," or "I hate your guts," it's hard to know how you'll actually react when you're walking down the street, and suddenly, BAM! Their familiar face is right in front of you.

While these run-ins haven't happened yet, here's what 9 women think they would say to their exes if they ever ran into them again:

"You Suck"

– Michelle O., 21

"Thank You"

– Mary V., 35

"I Want My Money Back"

– Hilary B., 29

"Pretend You Don't Know Me"

– Cristy G., 31

"Give Me An Explanation"

– Laura S., 24

"I Know You Cheated On Me"

– Ashley W., 21

"No, We Can't Be Friends"

– Heather D., 19

"I Really Am Sorry"

– Angela P., 28


– Jackie N., 26

Tell us: What would YOU say to your ex if you ever saw him or her again?