Dating — How Running Into Your Ex Can Actually Make You Stronger

Breakups are probably some of the hardest things we'll have to deal with in our lives.

I mean, you decide to let your guard down and be vulnerable with this person you love, trusting they'll treat you with love and care as well. But naturally, sometimes, things don't work out the way we want them to.

The one you love decides they don't love you anymore, at least not in the way you want them to. But often, this rejection is all part of being in love.

But even after the breakup, the pain continues to linger for longer than you might expect, and so many crazy thoughts start to swirl around in your head.

You may even start to blame yourself or think about every single thing you could have done differently to prevent the breakup from happening.

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You start to beat yourself up over how hard it is to find someone you truly love and how most people aren't even lucky enough to find one person to love like that.

You wonder how long it will take to finally be over this person, or if you'll ever get over them at all.

But just when you think the pain you've felt for months might finally be subsiding, the inevitable happens: You see the person who broke your heart out and about.

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Not only do you see them, but you see them with their new partner, walking hand in hand and laughing together.

At this moment, do you run away and sink back into the pain you've tried to escape? Or, do you take a deep breath and confront what's hurting you head on?

Obviously, the time after a breakup is an incredibly lonely experience, and it'll take some time for you to feel ready to get back out there and move forward.

But when you are ready to get back out there after a break up, it'll be easier to look at the big picture of what went wrong, instead of ruminating on the painful details you can't change.

Allow yourself some time to think and some time to heal. Once you do, you'll be more than ready to move forward, right past your ex, and onto something better.

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