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Everyone and their mom has started a start-up. Seriously, ask your mom, she's in beta as we speak. Start-ups are the American dream now, promising a high income, upward mobility and free gel manicures on Tuesday's. Intrigued?
"Why risk getting addicted when life is full of so many simple pleasures: a warm cup of a coffee on a crisp Fall day, a velvety latte, a macchiato... god I love coffee."
On this episode of Disconnected... Sex alone is a pretty intimate thing. Friendship is a pretty intimate thing. And the more time you spend with someone, the closer you’ll inevitably become. So obviously, if you’re really trying to just be friends…
If I could live in any decade, it would definitely be the 60’s…
Why not bring your buddy along for the ride next time? Free food. Lively conversation. Come on. It's the end of the month, rent is due, you just bought tickets to Taylor Swift - kill two cornish game hens with one stone.
He got into finance because he is "genuinely fascinated by microeconomic theory," but now, he spends all his time trying to fit into the sexist bro palace that is America's banking system.
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