Spring: Expectations vs. Reality

i miss winter. (but not really)
By Joanie Tobin

When You Reunite With Your Favorite Spring Outfit

dear tank top, ily.
By Jorja Hudson

My Apartment Each Week: Sunday Vs. Friday

Literally what happened...
By Jorja Hudson

When Me And My Best Friend Hang Out

It's called spending quality time together.
By Jorja Hudson

Me When I Forget To 'Gram Something

tbh i only do it for the 'gram
By Jorja Hudson

Sexual assault is a problem in college athletics. What can the NCAA do?

Only 3.3% of male students are athletes, but male student athletes are responsible for 19% of reported sexual assaults on campus. However, the NCAA, the primary governing board for college athletics, has no formal policy attaching sexually violent be…
By Joanie Tobin

When You Schedule Too Many Dates in One Night

Is there such a thing as too many dates?
By Jorja Hudson

Me Trying To Bake Something

I guess these are brownies
By Jorja Hudson

When Your Bff Had A Bad Day

Bring out the balloons
By Jorja Hudson

Me Trying To Get Back Into My Workout Routine

it's the thought that counts
By Jorja Hudson

Me The Day After Valentine’s Day

Leave no chocolate behind
By Jorja Hudson

Me When I Order Something Online

Give me those updates
By Jorja Hudson

When You And Your BFF Run Out Of Snacks

By Jorja Hudson

She Became A Speed Skater Four Months Ago. Now, She's Making Olympic History.

Erin Jackson is the first Black woman on U.S. Olympic Long-Track Skating Team.
By Laurence Mathieu

Me Trying To Be Productive At Work

I'm totally busy
By Jorja Hudson

‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour & Terry Bradshaw Compete In Elite Daily TV Trivia

‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour and Terry Bradshaw go head-to-head in a game of TV trivia from the set of their Super Bowl LII ad for Tide.
By BDG Video

When You Make Awkward Eye Contact At Lunch

Please let me be invisible
By Jorja Hudson

Me Every Time I Make Plans After 6pm

Sleep though
By Jorja Hudson

Me When I Wake Up On The Weekend

Well, that was a rough day
By Jorja Hudson

Me Before A Blind Date

Time to study
By Jorja Hudson