Backseat Blind Date: Get Stuffed

Is it possible to be too compatible?
By Rachel Rodderman

When I Spend Time On My Hair And End Up Looking The Same

I looked good to begin with 🤷
By Vanessa Golembewski

Backseat Blind Date: It's A Draw

Is finding your true love in the back of a cab too much to ask?
By Rachel Rodderman

Me When I Do A Good Job At Work

*Cue air horn*
By Vanessa Golembewski

Watch This 20 Something Get Another Chance At Her Childhood Dream

Have you ever wondered if you picked the wrong job? What if you’d done what you wanted to do when you were a kid? In Elite Daily's new video "When I Grow Up," we find out what happens when you get to try out your childhood dream job. Watch as grad st…
By BDG Video

Backseat Blind Date: No Bumpers

Is reading your partner's mind totally attractive or a total turn off? Kim and Aaron meet in the backseat and find out if their love is written in the stars.
By Rachel Rodderman

When I Make Plans With My Roommate

We tried though.
By Vanessa Golembewski

Elite Daily's 'Backseat Blind Date' Video Series Will Take You On A Wild, Romantic Ride

I have a confession to make: I've never been on a blind date. Never. Not once. I'm a generally anxious person, and the fear of the unknown is just too much for me. However, if somebody had suggested going on a blind date while I was being driven some…
By Theresa Massony

Backseat Blind Date: Nothin' But Net

Can two strangers find love in the back of a cab?
By Rachel Rodderman

When You Realize That Was 10 Years Ago

Is this a cruel joke?
By Vanessa Golembewski

When You Host A Potluck And Everyone Only Brings Wine

Sangria, anyone?
By Joanie Tobin

Spring: Expectations vs. Reality

i miss winter. (but not really)
By Joanie Tobin

When You Reunite With Your Favorite Spring Outfit

dear tank top, ily.
By Jorja Hudson

My Apartment Each Week: Sunday Vs. Friday

Literally what happened...
By Jorja Hudson

When Me And My Best Friend Hang Out

It's called spending quality time together.
By Jorja Hudson

Me When I Forget To 'Gram Something

tbh i only do it for the 'gram
By Jorja Hudson

Sexual assault is a problem in college athletics. What can the NCAA do?

Only 3.3% of male students are athletes, but male student athletes are responsible for 19% of reported sexual assaults on campus. However, the NCAA, the primary governing board for college athletics, has no formal policy attaching sexually violent be…
By Joanie Tobin

When You Schedule Too Many Dates in One Night

Is there such a thing as too many dates?
By Jorja Hudson

Me Trying To Bake Something

I guess these are brownies
By Jorja Hudson

When Your Bff Had A Bad Day

Bring out the balloons
By Jorja Hudson