Why A Guy Calling You 'Crazy' Is A Surefire Sign He's The Crazy One

by Katy Franklin
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If I had a dime for every time a guy called me crazy simply because I'm a girl, I'd be rich AF.

Guys, haven't we moved beyond this? Haven't we discovered the days of calling a girl “crazy” just because she's a girl are long gone?

And hasn't anyone noticed that it's not necessarily the girls who are the crazy ones? It might be the guys.

When I'm getting to know someone I'm interested in romantically, we always start off with some flirting, a bit of witty banter or exchanging funny stories.

And everything goes wonderfully... that is, until the guy I'm seeing mentions past relationships or another female friend. This conversation invariably leads to some variation of the phrase, “All women are crazy.”

Cue the biggest eye roll of all time.

This "crazy talk," my friends, is called psychological projection.

In simpler terms, if a guy is calling me crazy, it's likely because he, himself, possesses that quality, not me.

My last boyfriend did this all the time. He constantly said things like, “I don't understand women,” or “My ex-wife/every girl I've ever dated was crazy."

But I'm calling bullshit on that logic.

I've never met your ex-wife, but I bet she's pretty normal. And I've never met your ex-girlfriend, but I bet she's not crazy either.

I have met YOU, though, and I'm beginning to think you're the crazy one since you're the common denominator in these situations — not those women.

Listen, guys, just because we looked through your phone to find out if you were cheating, found out you were, got emotional, yelled and cried about it, doesn't mean we're crazy.

It's human nature to get upset when people do hurtful things to you.

It simply means we caught you doing something bad or hurtful. And now, you can't deal with the consequences, so you turn things around and call us names. And honestly, it's human nature to get upset when people do hurtful things to you.

And if anything, cheating makes you look like the crazy one because you were unfaithful to someone who was likely a great person. To be honest, that sounds pretty crazy to me.

And we women are certainly not crazy because we spend one week out of the month eating junk food, lying on the couch and crying over cheesy Lifetime movies to get through seven days of painful cramps.

Actually, we could argue that you're pretty crazy for sitting on the couch, eating junk food EVERY DAY and crying over your sports teams losing every weekend. What's your excuse, exactly, guys?

We're not crazy because we don't want to see your gym picture or your mirror selfie. And we're certainly not crazy because we don't want to see an unsolicited dick pic. If we didn't ask for it, odds are, we don't want it.

We're not crazy because we don't want to see an unsolicited dick pic.

We're not crazy for wondering why you suddenly stopped texting us back, with no warning, after three weeks of constant communication. I mean, doesn't it sound a little crazy only to text us because you think giving us attention will get you laid?

We're not crazy for wanting you to take us out to a nice dinner once in a while or for wanting you to cook for us for a change. In fact, you're crazy for not doing these things since these might actually get you laid.

So, is it so insane to think men might be the crazy ones? Call me crazy, but I don't think so.