Donald Trump Allegedly Threw Sex Parties With Underage Models


Donald Trump (who could very well be our next president) has been accused of throwing cocaine-fueled parties with women as young as 15, according to former guests.

Two men have come forward to talk about the wild nights he hosted at the Plaza Hotel.

A photographer, who spoke with The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, described the parties as networking on a "weird, bizarre scale."


He said Trump was "getting laid like crazy," and would prowl around the parties, going from "room to room."

Speaking of the young female guests, he said most were aspiring models trying to meet the right people to catapult their careers.

He continued,


Another man, male model Andy Lucchesi, said some of the girls looked as young at 14. He said,


But he was quick to defend Trump, and stressed he never used cocaine and was always in control of himself. He added,

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