4 Ways To Use The Crazy Energy of The Supermoon To Get Everything You Want

by Rosey Baker

If you haven't been feeling the intensity of this week's supermoon, you should check your pulse.

The supermoon tonight is a powerful time, and we've been feeling its energy all week long -- from election woes to personal relationships to shifting circumstances in our professional lives.


Y'know when you leave the gym and wake up the next day feeling sore in places you didn't even know you had muscles? The supermoon does that -- to your emotions.

The good news is you can actually channel all that crazy emotional energy into something useful, like manifesting something you've wanted for a long time. Here are a few powerful rituals to use the energy of the supermoon to your advantage.

Take a moon bath -- clothed, please.

Astrologers believe that a supermoon carries a great deal of healing energy, and to sit underneath it will bathe you in a healing white light.

If you are sitting outside when the moon is up, close your eyes and feel that light surrounding you. It protects you from the negativity of others, and will actually spread positive light to people you come into contact with.

The moonlight is white, and white light is a symbol of spiritual healing. You can also send the moonlight surrounding you to anyone you know who needs some healing energy right now.

Connect with your higher self.

You may not believe in God, or any sort of religions, but you still may have experienced small miracles in your life: moments when you felt somehow outside of yourself and in touch with something greater than you.

I don't believe in a God per se, but I do believe there is a part of me that is in touch with something greater than myself. I use the energy of the supermoon to connect to that part of myself, and you can too. Simply sit in silence and ask yourself what your soul wants.

Simply sit in silence and ask yourself what your soul wants.

Forget any expectation you have. The answer could come immediately, or it could take some time. You'll know the answer because you'll feel it in your gut.

It may not even come in the form of words, and instead could be communicated to you as just a feeling.

If no answers come, you can always ask the energy of the moon for a little guidance. Even if it feels ridiculous, it's worth asking something, if you don't have the answers yourself.

Focus on your goals.

Tonight's supermoon is in Taurus, a sign that is associated with spiritual and material stability.

Now is the time to set your sights on your goals and to make any adjustments necessary to facilitate the achievement of them. The key is to stay grounded and to keep any sense of entitlement out of the way.

Just stay present and grounded, and focus like a laser on what you want without any defined expectations about how it will come to you.

I like making a list of my goals, taking a photo of it, and making it the wallpaper on my phone. This way I'm always reminded of exactly what it is I am going after, and I can do a little something every day to achieving it.

Break free of toxic relationships.

The supermoon is a great time to release or untangle any energetic ties you have to people you feel deep down aren't good for you.

You don't have to reach out to them or anything; the energy of a supermoon is so powerful you can just picture them in your mind. Use this time to thank them energetically for being teachers for you and imagine their images dissipating after you've said your goodbyes.

Usually toxic relationships will fade as soon as you are truly ready to let go of them.

Every supermoon is powerful, but tonight's moon hasn't been this close to earth since 1948, and it won't be this close until November of 2034. Don't miss the opportunity to make use of it! Now get out there and BE somebody, kiddos!