Lesbian couples can dress up as King Princess and girlfriend Quinn Wilson for Halloween.

10 DIY Lesbian Couples Costumes That Aren’t Just ‘L Word’ Characters

Lesbian Halloween is the best Halloween.

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Halloween is the queerest of all the holidays. It’s spooky, witchy, full of mischief, and requires you to pretend to be something you’re not — a skill any formerly-closeted person will surely have perfected. Halloween is a night of endless possibilities, and — regardless of your sexuality — the best costumes are always homemade displays of creativity and craftiness. Yet somehow, you and your partner have managed to dress up as Shane and Carmen from The L Word for the past three years in a row because it’s easier to leave everything to the last second, throw on some hair grease and a pair of low-rise leather pants, and call it a night. This year, however, you want something different. You’re looking for a new DIY couples costume for you and your girlfriend, but don’t know where to start.

Don’t get me wrong: The L Word is sacred, and any related Halloween costumes are not only valid but highly encouraged. In the last few years, however, queer representation in media has reached new heights. Lesbians and members of the women-loving-women (WLW) community can now turn on the TV (or read a book, or open Instagram and TikTok) and find more than just one show that explores queer relationships and lives. This is important not only to educate about and celebrate queerness as a culture, but also because it totally revolutionizes Lesbian Halloween. Channel your inner indie-pop star for a DIY King Princess look, or layer your favorite colorful sweaters à la Ola and Lily from Sex Education.

Whether you two are pop-culture-obsessed, you’re a pair who loves their puns, or you’re in a retro-loving relationship, read on for 10 ideas that’ll shake up your couples costume game for Halloween this year, and beyond.

JoJo Siwa & Kylie Prew’s Red Carpet Debut
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JoJo Siwa’s journey into queerness has been sweet to watch, and her relationship with girlfriend Kylie Prew is nothing short of precious. This costume requires you to go all out: Sparkles, cotton-candy colors, rhinestones, high ponies, and velour to the front, please.

For JoJo:

This giant hair bow, $6.99, Etsy

This hot pink velour tracksuit, $39.99, Amazon (option to add rhinestones)

This clip-in colored hair, $9.99, Amazon (or DIY temporary hair dye)

For Kylie:

This teal blue sweatshirt, $13.50, Amazon

These distressed black skinny jeans, $33.99, Amazon

King Princess & Quinn Wilson
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Filmmaker Quinn Wilson and her girlfriend, pop star King Princess, have never been shy about their relationship or their PDA, making them one of the most fun celebrity couples to follow. For your DIY costume, recreate any number of iconic KP and QW red carpet moments, interview portraits, or past Instagram photos depending on the clothes and accessories you have lying around your house.

For Quinn:

This ruched gray silk top, $40, ASOS

This black lacy bra, $22.99, Amazon

These black palazzo pants, $39.90, Etsy

These silver sock boots, $53.99, Amazon

This shiny teal eye shadow, $6.50, NYX

For King Princess:

This purple pantsuit, $40.99, Amazon

This red lacy bra, $35.19, Amazon

This red fanny pack, $9.99, Etsy

These black sneakers, $57, ASOS

Megan Rapinoe At The Met Gala & The “In Gay We Trust” Clutch
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Sure, you and your partner could take the easy way out and go as soccer star Megan Rapinoe and her amazing WNBA wife Sue Bird by sourcing a couple of sports uniforms. But why do that when you can recreate Rapinoe’s stunning “In Gay We Trust” Met Gala 2021 look? Make it a hilarious two-person costume by having one partner dress up as Rapinoe and the other partner dress up as Rapinoe’s clutch.

For Megan:

This red pantsuit, $29.99, Amazon

This blue silk button-down, $19, Shein

These iron-on appliqué white stars, $5.99, Amazon

This pastel pink coloring conditioner, $32, Overtone

For the clutch:

This marbled blue jumpsuit, $34, PrettyLittleThing

This construction paper, $5.99, Amazon (for a DIY sign with “In Gay We Trust” printed on it)

These safety pins, $4.89, Amazon (to attach the sign to your chest)

Smith Collection/Gado/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Every lesbian has heard the U-haul joke at least once, but here it is again in case you forgot: “What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-haul.” The U-haul costume is for any WLW couple that wants to be a little cheeky. Go big and craft a whole truck out of cardboard moving boxes or keep it a little simpler and just decorate a pair of white tees with the U-haul logo and some orange stripes. Follow this (adorable) video for a rough idea of how to cut your cardboard into the shape of a truck.

For the box:

These medium-large moving boxes, prices vary, FedEx

This X-acto knife, $3.99, Amazon

This white wrapping paper, $11.29, Amazon

This orange paint, $5.24, Amazon

This black paint, $1.39, Amazon

This Mod Podge, $6.59, Amazon

This yarn, $3.44, Amazon (for shoulder straps)

Lily & Ola From Sex Education

The British Netflix series Sex Education captured the hearts of viewers around the world with its frank discussion of taboo topics relating to sex, sexuality, romance, and puberty. Lily and Ola are the show’s most strange and charming pair — Lily’s a comic book artist with a particular knack for writing space-erotica, for example — and their romantic relationship instantly lands them in the lesbian hall of fame.

For Ola:

This green corduroy jacket, $29.99, Amazon

This appliqué rainbow patch, $4.95, Amazon

This rainbow button-down crop top, $10.99, Amazon

For Lily:

This pastel yellow turtleneck, $7, Shein

This patterned mohair cardigan, $38.30, Yes Style

These funky patterned pants, $35, Lucy&Yak

This playful bumbag, $34, Lucy&Yak

This pack of giant whirly lollipops, $14.99, Amazon

“Stoned” Butch & “High” Femme
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Calling all 420 lesbians! This is another punny one that takes lesbian tropes (“stone butch” and “high femme” make up the opposite ends of the “futch” spectrum) and spins them into Halloween gold. One partner can dress like a classic stoner — in a beanie, a khaki jacket, maybe some weed glasses, and a bandana if you feel like invoking Cheech and Chong. And the other partner can get really fancy and femme, with a long green gown or weed leaf–printed dress paired with some nice weed-themed costume jewelry.

For the stoned butch:

This weed beanie, $9.99, Amazon

This stoner tee, $15.99, Amazon

These weed joggers, $25.99, Amazon

These weed leaf sunnies, $9.99, Amazon

For the high femme:

This weed dress, $24.90, Amazon

These weed leaf dangle earrings, $2.50, Shein

This green eyeshadow, $5, Target

This green lipstick, $7, Sephora

These unreal weed stilettos, $47.46, Ebay

Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly In Bound (1996)

A classic sapphic flick, Bound was groundbreaking for its time and explored female sexuality through a female gaze. Plus, the fashion from this era is too good to pass up. Whip out those temporary tattoos!

For Gina:

This white muscle tank pack, $9.76, Amazon

These navy painter’s pants, $16.98, Amazon (option to stain with white paint)

These temporary tattoos, $5.99, Amazon

For Jennifer:

This sexy black slip, $17.99, Amazon

These costume cigarettes, $6.64, Amazon

This red-lipstick, $5.39, Amazon

This black nail polish, $6.97, Amazon

Eve & Villanelle From Killing Eve

The sexual tension on this show is unbelievable — though nothing is more awe-inspiring than Villanelle’s many outfits. Killing Eve is a gold mine for Halloween costumes, and chances are you may have some items in your wardrobe that already work, like a trenchcoat for Eve or a colorful blazer for Villanelle.

For Eve:

This neutral trenchcoat, $29.99, Amazon

This green turtleneck, $36, Los Angeles Apparel

This brown slouchy beanie, $12.99, Amazon

For Villanelle:

This colorful blazer, $22, Shein

These patterned trousers, $59.99, Mango

This makeup kit for costume bruises, $12.49, Amazon

Norma Tanega & Dusty Springfield
Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Dusty Springfield was one of Britain’s most popular singers of all time. She was a music legend of the early ‘60s with melodramatic hits such as “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” and “Son Of A Preacher Man.” Though it was never confirmed, she was believed to be a lesbian, and she spent much of her adult life in a domestic partnership with folk singer and songwriter Norma Tanega. Prepare your best retro looks because this costume is all about classic ‘60s glam, mixed with a little earthiness for good measure.

For Dusty:

This ‘60s style dress with pussy bow, $39, Zapaka

This super-thick eyeliner, $10, NYX

This frosted pearl-pink lipstick, $22, Runway Rogue

For Norma:

This ‘60s A-line dress, $46.45, Redbubble

These mod dangle earrings, $12.83, Etsy

Bette & Tina From The L Word
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OK, I know I said no L Word characters, but the list wouldn’t be complete without at least one costume inspired by the show. Bette and Tina are easily one of TV’s most iconic duos, plus they’re easy to emulate for Halloween. Win-win!

For Bette:

This black oversized pantsuit, $26, Shein

This tiny ‘90s red purse, $9, Shein

These ‘90s-style black sunglasses, $3.50, Shein

For Tina:

This oversized white long-sleeve tunic, $29.90, YoooGG

These tan cargo pants, $21, Shein

This big crossbody purse, $21, Shein

This yoga mat, $16.09, Yoga Accessories

No matter who (or what) you dress up as for Halloween this year, you can’t lose — especially if you and your partner get some quality bonding time over a beloved lesbian pastime: good, old-fashioned arts-n-crafts.