Model putting on Non Gender Specific's Everything Serum.
The 10 Queer-Owned Beauty Brands Your Collection Needs ASAP

Let’s get sickening.

Courtesy of Non Gender Specific

It feels like there are more beauty brands than there are stars in the sky. But, with Pride month on the calendar, it’s time to discover even more beauty brands, owned by some of the coolest, most inspiring queer founders. While there’s no shortage of Pride-themed beauty drops this month, few things are better than shopping actual Queer-owned brands to directly show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Each of these brands has a unique take on what beauty can be and who it should be for. Spoiler alert: It’s everyone! One brand, Non Gender Specific, even has plantable packaging so you can grow your own wildflowers. (Honestly, I can’t imagine anything cuter than that.) And the creativity, care, and innovation certainly doesn’t stop there. With sustainability, activism, and clean beauty at the forefront, you can’t make a wrong choice with these brands.

You can find out the details on some Queer-owned beauty brands to add to your arsenal below. Whether you’re searching for a new skin care routine or an eyeshadow palette to create some truly sickening looks, you all of it and more from a Queer-owned brand.

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Brightening Face Mask
Alder New York

Alder New York is a queer, women-owned, clean skin care brand. It has everything you need to get the luminous skin you’ve dreamed about. With products for all skin types, you can find solutions for blemishes, dark spots, dryness, and more.

Flamingo Glitter
Trixie Cosmetics

You can do your makeup to look just like your favorite drag queen with Trixie Cosmetics. Ripe with bold and bright colors, Trixie Mattel’s line makes it easy to not just paint for the back of the room but for the Denny’s down the street.

Agender Oil
Noto Botanics

A percentage of all of Noto Botanics’ sales goes to a rotating list of organizations like Planned Parenthood, the LGBT Youth Center, the Okra Project, and more. Most of its products have five-star ratings on its website, so you can trust you’re getting some good.

Universal Liner

For those on the hunt for paraben-free, bold, fun makeup, check out Fluide. The Brooklyn-based company has tons of glittery, highly-pigmented options to really make your beat pop.

Glow Drops
Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac started in its local trans community, and its founder used her knowledge to teach trans prisoners in all-male prisons about makeup. Its first-ever product, the Correct and Conceal Palette ($29, Jecca Blac), was created to help hide beard shadow. To this day, the brand is a staple for all in the beauty community, but particularly to its LGBTQ+ members.

Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

Using only natural ingredients from the Mediterranean, Maapilim’s formulas contain a blend of essential oils and safe synthetics. The result is a collection of high-quality, nourishing products that feel luxurious.

Light Reflecting CC Cream

Sappho is working to become more sustainable with biodegradable plastic and recyclable glass for its products. Whether you’re a beauty newbie just starting out or a pro looking to restock your kit with some new products, the makeup brand has all your usual go-to products.