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6 Yellowjackets Season 2 Theories

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by Ani Bundel
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The end of Yellowjackets Season 1 answered more questions than fans ever could have hoped. From small details like “What happened to Tai’s dog?” to big ones like “Who is Adam?”, the series gave more answers in a single season than most puzzlebox mystery shows do in six. And yet, in these answers, fans discovered there were just more questions. These Yellowjackets Season 2 theories show how much more there is to uncover.

Warning: Spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 1 follow. The biggest question in Season 1 came from the opening scene in the premiere episode: Was it Jackie running through the snow in the forest, terrified for her life as her fellow squad members turned to cannibalism? The answer, it turns out, is no. Jackie was gone long before that moment; she passed away from hypothermia outside in the team’s first snow in the wilderness.

So, who is the person running for their life? Fans still don’t have the answer to that question, but they do know who is in charge of their fate: Lottie Matthews, who is well on her way to being coronated Antler Queen. Moreover, it looks like she’s still running things from her throne in the present day.

Let’s run down what else fans think they’ll discover in Season 2.


Misty Will Realize Nat Is Missing

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For all that her fellow Yellowjackets are not her friends, Misty’s loyalty runs to the bone. That’s why she’s likely going to be the one who realizes Nat’s gone first. (Well, that and she’s got the camera set up in Nat’s apartment, which recorded the whole kidnapping.)

Having Misty spearhead the hunt for Nat means Shauna and Tai may not be involved, since Misty is a lone wolf. However, Tai will have one problem Misty left for her on the side of the road: Jessica. It wasn’t clear if the fixer was deceased in that final scene, but the showrunners have confirmed it since. How that comes back to haunt the new Senator-elect, and how it ties her back to Misty, remains to be seen.


Tai’s Dog Sacrifice Will Come To Light

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Ever since the family pup went missing, fans have wondered what Tai did to it, since it was obvious she’s the one who is terrifying her own family. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be ex-wife, Simone, appeared to discover that Tai sacrificed it on the Antler Queen altar. Meanwhile, Tai won the election.

Did Tai sacrifice the dog to win? That smile on her face almost certainly says she believes this to be the case. But there are a lot of questions still to come: Was it Lottie who suggested murdering the dog? Does this mean Tai is indebted to the former Antler Queen as a major donor to her campaign? Will Tai continue sacrificing animals every time she wants to pass legislation?

Lock up your pets, people; environmental regulations are coming.


Callie Will Ask Questions

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The frozen shock on Callie’s face as her mother’s former boyfriend, Adam, is announced as missing revealed the one loose end Shauna forgot to tie up. As her mom and dad practically cuddled on the couch with the newfound intimacy only a secret stabbing can bring, Callie realized in horror that this was the guy her mom was seeing, and mom seemed utterly unconcerned.

Callie’s not a bad kid, but she’s not as bright as she thinks she is. The way her mother boxed her in once already should have taught her that. But chances are, Callie will make the mistake of doing some sleuthing, and Shauna is going to have to take care of it.


The Members Of Lottie’s Gang Will Be Revealed

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Lottie Matthews is apparently alive and well in 2021, and as fans learned at the very end of the finale, when Nat gets stuffed in the back of a van and taken away by hooded figures wearing the Antler Queen symbol.

So, who are these people? One is a guy — large, muscular, in the gray hat. He’s the one fans get the close up of with the necklace. Two are women, one wearing a headband to hold back curly hair, the other with straight black hair in a messy bun. The fourth is wearing a full head mask, completely unidentifiable.

It’s almost impossible to tell who they are in the dark, but could the curly-haired one Van? Is the dark-haired one Mari? Since the Adam theory was ruled out, could the man be the highly-theorized-about Adult Javi?


The Hunter In The Cabin Will Be Identified

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Since the show’s premiere, the mysterious figure above has appeared in every Yellowjackets episode as part of the opening credit sequence. Fans have been asking questions about him since they realized he couldn’t be Coach Ben. Finally, he stepped forward in the finale and spoke to Jackie, welcoming her into the beyond.

The above photo identifies him only as “Hunter,” which suggests that the theory about him being the ghost of the cabin’s previous owner may be correct. That tracks if the dream sequence is one that Jackie experienced as she passed and not Shauna’s dream as the snow fell. But either way, viewers will probably see him again as more Yellowjackets fail to make it through the first winter.


Other Survivors Will Come Forward

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At this point, fans know the following people made it out of the wilderness and made a pact never to speak of what happened again: Shauna, Taissa, Misty, Natalie, Travis, and Lottie. And viewers know for sure that at least two did not: Laura Lee and Jackie.

That leaves the fates of several others to be determined: Coach Ben, Van, Akilah, Mari, and Javi. (There are two other Yellowjackets who appear in the background but have never been named and therefore don’t count yet.) Coach Ben seems to be an unlikely survivor. (Remember, the Antler Queen feast showed no one with one leg.) But everyone else, especially Van and Mari, who were Lottie’s disciples, and Javi, who had Travis protecting him, are high possibilities to turn up in Season 2. It’s time to start fan-casting.

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