Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh) in the season 1 finale of "Killing Eve" on BBC.
These Last-Minute Lesbian Couples Costumes Will Still Win Halloween

No, you don’t have to just go as Brittana again.

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Relationships are all about balance: One person, for example, has to obsess over each and every Halloween plan and costume, while the other forgets about the holiday altogether until the last few days of October. But sometimes, by some fluke of nature, two people from the latter camp fall for each other. Suddenly, you’re days away from Oct. 31, everyone’s asking about your cute couples costume, and you have nothing.

But you and your partner don’t have to resign yourselves to an entire weekend of staying in and watching horror movies in your pajamas. (And you definitely don’t have to celebrate the holiday without a costume at all). These DIY lesbian couples costumes are innovative, cute, and easy to piece together with just a moment’s notice. You might have to ask around for a few staples, but as long as you’re willing to dig around and get creative, you can still dress up as your favorite TV girlfriends, wear something unforgettable, and win every costume contest.

So before you run to your local Spirit Halloween or repurpose your San Junipero costume from last year, check out this list — and then your closet. I promise, no one will be able to tell you two weren’t planning this for weeks.

Eve & Villanelle

There are countless ways to channel this cat-and-mouse duo. Villanelle might take a little more effort — it’s unlikely you’re regularly wearing pink taffeta gowns, as much as I’d love that for you — but if you’re looking for something easy, just find a soft pink sweater and recreate this iconic moment from the Season 1 finale. Smear some lipstick across your face for good measure.

In order to capture Sandra Oh’s look, meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with a jacket over a turtleneck and fitted pants. It’s straightforward, but as long as you have a knife, plenty of caution, some kind of fake blood, and Villaneve’s sizzling, palpable chemistry, you’ll be able to pull this off.

Rue & Jules

I get it! None of us will ever be as cool, fashionable, or eyeshadow-savvy as the Euphoria girls. Still, it’s surprisingly easy to piece together a Rules costume: For Rue, all you need is a maroon, zip-up hoodie and some baggy shorts or boxers. A messy bun or slouchy ponytail might also help.

For Jules, anything pastel, playful, or Y2K-inspired should do the trick. Just don’t forget face glitter and colorful eyeliner, and don’t be afraid to go big and bold — these characters are not afraid to take makeup risks.

Willow & Tara
The WB

These Buffy girlfriends are also easy, because you don’t necessarily need to hone in on one specific outfit. And how could you choose? Tara’s usually seen sporting earth and jewel tones, New Age-y, long skirts, and the occasional necklace-and-earrings set.

Willow, however, is much more likely to sport a graphic tee or anything appliquéd. (That is, unless you’re trying to channel Dark Willow.) If you’re able to head to a thrift shop, I guarantee you’ll find something that looks straight out of Willow’s (or Tara’s) wardrobe, but ultimately, you just need to look unmistakably ’90s. Bonus points if your Willow has red hair.

Velma & Daphne
Scooby Doo

There are tons of Scooby Doo costumes online, and plenty of ways to make Daphne and Velma’s looks your own. But there’s a good chance you might already have the basics. Since their respective color schemes matter more than anything, there’s room to get creative. For Daphne, you’ll need a lime green scarf and, ideally, a purple or violet dress. A purple top and skirt could work, too.

Velma wears a red skirt, orange turtleneck, and thigh-highs. Again, if all you have are red shorts, an orange crop top, or some colored jeans, you’ll still be recognizable! Just don’t forget the glasses.

Daria & Jane

Sure, they weren’t technically girlfriends, but you have to admit Daria and Jane from the MTV cult classic make an amazing (and very easy!) couple’s costume. For Daria, you’ll need glasses, a brown shirt or sweater, a black skirt, and a green jacket. Doc Martens would be perfect, but any black boots work.

Jane’s style is a little different: You’ll also need black boots, but try to find black or dark-wash denim shorts, if you can. Up top, you’ll need a black shirt or sweater and a red jacket or blazer. Finish the look with some lipstick, and you’ll be the cutest disillusioned, sarcastic pair at your Halloween party.

Lesbian pulp fiction covers
Bantam Books

This one is more open to interpretation, but if you’re heading to a risqué event — or just want to show off a cute new, vintage slip dress — why not find a classic lesbian pulp novel and try to put your own spin on the cover art? Some of these costumes are steamier than others, but with so many to choose from, you’ll definitely find something that looks easy enough to piece together, no matter your style. For added points, try a DIY pin-up hairstyle.

Each other
Finn Hafemann/E+/Getty Images

Finally, the easiest costume to put together at the last minute: Dress up as each other. If you’re the same size, borrow your girlfriend’s favorite sweater; let her do your makeup in return. Maybe your S.O. can design your outfit, or maybe you’d prefer to surprise her with a humorous, exaggerated take on her day-to-day style. The possibilities are endless, but no matter what, you can both say you have the hottest Halloween costume of all time.

And hey, if all else fails, you can always reach for those loose-fitting jeans and dress up as an extra from the original L Word. There’s nothing spookier than some of that show’s sartorial choices.

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