The 'Sex Education' Season 3 finale ended with lots of cliffhangers teasing Season 4.

9 Questions Sex Education Fans Desperately Need A Fourth Season To Answer

The Season 3 finale left a lot unknown.


Another term at Moordale has come and gone, and as always, it ended with a ton of big surprises, bittersweet farewells, and romantic drama. The latest run of episodes is packed with breakups, makeups, makeouts, hookups, and a whole mess of hilariously awkward moments. But it doesn’t all get resolved in the end. The Season 3 finale leaves so much open-ended, prompting a ton of Sex Education Season 4 theories that fans will be mulling over for quite some time.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t finished Sex Education Season 3. The third season of the British comedy series ups in the ante in every way. After becoming nationally known as the “sex school” following Season 2’s bawdy antics, a strict new headmistress tries to clean up Moordale’s act in Season 3, but of course, that’s easier said than done. While fighting back against the new regime, all of the relationships at Moordale are put through the wringer. In the end, there are big breakups, a possible farewell, and a newborn baby that brings a bit of mystery with her. Netflix has officially picked up a fourth season of Sex Education, so fans know there will be more to these stories. While you wait for a return to Moordale, let’s break down all those big questions the Season 3 ending left us with.

1. Is Maeve gone for good?


Maeve has been at the heart of Sex Education for all three seasons, but her final moments in Season 3 could be hinting that her time on the series is over. After reconciling with her mother, Maeve finally decided to leave for an academic program in America. A fourth season of the show could potentially follow Maeve’s adventures in America, but that might not be the direction the writers want to go. Plus, Emma Mackey has dropped some hints she may be leaving Sex Education soon. Sadly, we may have just said goodbye to Maeve for good in that finale.

2. Will Adam and Rahim date?

It seemed like Eric and Adam were going strong for most of Season 3, but Eric’s trip to Lagos brought a swift end to all that. After finding out about Eric kissing someone else, Adam wanted to just forget about the indiscretion and stay together, but the kiss helped Eric realize he needed to move on. In an unexpected development, though, Adam began growing closer with Eric’s ex Rahim while Eric was away. Adam is single now, and his final moments in Season 3 seem to suggest he may explore a romance with Rahim, which would undoubtedly bring up a ton of questions for Eric.

3. Who is the father of Jean’s baby?

The biggest cliffhanger of all involves the show’s brand new character, baby Joy. After Jean gives birth in the finale, she receives a paternity test and privately exclaims “Oh sh*t!” to its contents. The response definitely suggests that Jakob probably isn’t Joy’s biological father. Earlier in the season, Jean ran into a man she used to sleep with named Dan, who worriedly asked if he was the father of the baby. Jakob also got suspicious of a ring he found in Jean’s kitchen, which caused him to wonder if she had rekindled things with her ex-husband Remi. Those two seem to be the prime suspects in the mystery of Joy’s paternity.

4. Will Lily become a famous writer?

Lily went on an emotional rollercoaster this season. The alien-obsessed outsider nearly abandoned her passion after being shamed over one of her other-worldly erotic tales being published, but in the finale, she learned she actually had fans who loved her work. If Lily keeps writing, she may develop her own cult following and even get a taste of fame.

5. Will Otis become a therapist?

It’s been clear from the start that Otis shares his mother’s aptitude for helping others through therapy, but now that his time at Moordale is coming to an end, it seems like he will finally be able to pursue this passion academically. Season 3 ended with Jean observing her son doling out some very wise and helpful words to Hope, and after he was done, she encouraged him to nurture his therapeutic gifts. A new season could explore Otis enrolling in a therapy program at college.

6. Will Eric reunite with Oba?

Of all the characters’ love lives, Eric’s is the biggest question mark at the end of Season 3. His kiss with Oba in Lagos made him realize he had outgrown his relationship with Adam, but it’s unclear if he intends to stay single for a bit or explore things with Oba. The two kept it pretty casual, plus Oba lives on another continent, so it doesn’t seem super likely, but you never know.

7. Is there any hope for Cal and Jackson?


Jackson’s romance with his new nonbinary classmate Cal continued to build throughout the season, but it ended in disappointment after Jackson freaked out right before they were about to hook up. Cal suggested they just stay friends, which seemed to sadden Jackson. Fans of the couple can still hold out hope for them to reunite, since it seems like they do still have feelings for one another. But then again, there’s also Layla, another nonbinary student whom Cal sparked a bond with at the end of the season. Cal and Layla’s bond does seem to be more friendly than romantic, though, so a fourth season could return to Cal and Jackson’s love story.

8. Will Aimee embrace the single life?

After starting to work through her trauma in therapy with Jean, Aimee realized she needed to break up with Steve and finally pulled the trigger at the end of Season 3. This is pretty major for Aimee because she’s really never been single before. She dated Adam at the beginning of the series, then rebounded with Kyle before dating Steve up until the Season 3 finale. Season 4 will likely be fans’ first time seeing Aimee on her own.

9. Will Colin or Emily become Moordale’s head teacher?

Hope’s unceremonious departure from Moordale left an opening for another new head teacher, and it already looks like there are two prime candidates. Maeve suggested that Mr. Hendricks go for the promotion, sharing that he would have the full support of the student body. However, Ms. Sands also expressed her interest in becoming the new head teacher, which could quickly become contentious in their relationship. Whether Colin or Emily get the gig, at least Moordale’s new head teacher will be way better than Hope.

Netflix renewed Sex Education for its fourth season a week after Season 3 aired, which is a pretty good sign of the show’s popularity. Here’s hoping next season will be just as wild as this last one was.