Aries is one of the zodiac signs with the highest sex drives.
These 4 Zodiac Signs Have Super High Sex Drives

Obviously, Scorpio is on this list.

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If you had your way, how often would you be throwing a horizontal party? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Have you ever been accused of having a libido that was too high? Or had partners who just couldn't seem to keep up? Well, chances are you’re one of the zodiac signs with the highest sex drives, so, in other words baby, you were born that way. And lucky you! I mean, aside from all the orgasms, frequent sex has a ton of health benefits (when practiced safely, obvs).

For example, did you know that having sex regularly helps boost your immune system so you fight off colds and flus better? Sex is also a natural pain reliever, and is good for both your heart and your teeth. Plus, studies show getting frisky on the regular even makes you look younger and healthier. Also, did I mention orgasms? Because those are pretty dope, too. So yeah, having a high libido is amazing.

While libido fluctuates based on everything from hormones to the presence or absence of a potential partner to your emotional state at a particular time, whether or not you have a high libido is really only understandable in relationship to your own sex drive. In other words, are you especially frisky in comparison to... yourself?

While your zodiac sign may be partially responsible, there are some things that can make your own sex drive feel more intense. Times of decreased stress make for an increased libido, which totally makes sense since being stressed out is not the sexiest of feelings. Recurring good sex also makes for a higher sex drive — whether you’re part of a pair or flying solo: good sex begets the desire for more good sex, in other words. Exercising more often can also make for enhanced desire, because it can decrease stress, release feel-good chemicals like endorphins, and generally make you feel more confident — feeling good about yourself is always an upper, too. And lest we forget, the days surrounding ovulation are a peak horny time for folks who menstruate. But being born under a certain zodiac sign probably doesn’t hurt, either.

So, if you just so happen to be born under any of the following signs, if your inner monolgue is basically “'Sex sex? Sex sex sex?'" then chances are you are blessed with the highest of high sex drives. So go on, have some fun (again, safely and responsibly, please) and just reap all those rewards.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)
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Aries is known for their adventurous spirit, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless energy, so as you can imagine, this sign is also a freak in the sheets. Whatever an Aries wants, they are likely to get because they have no fear of going after it. An Aries sex drive is such that you should be prepared at any time to be pulled into a private corner for some impromptu action, because there's nothing these adrenaline junkies love more than a hot and passionate quickie. Also, sex with this sign is never boring because, above all, Aries wants to have a great time and try new and exciting things — both in and out of the bedroom. So basically, you should expect to experiment and play some seriously freaky love games if you're with an Aries.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)
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For sensual and loving Taurus, there is no such thing as too much sex — I mean, too much love-making. Touch is Taurus' love language, so you can bet that translates to an incredibly high sex drive. They just want to get lost in the sensation of another person — and if it were up to them, sex would last for hours. They love long, passionate kisses, erotic massage, and connecting on an almost spiritual level. So, don't expect a quickie from this sign — that’s basically blasphemy to them. Plus, they are so patient (and generous), you can pretty much count on having an incredible time with them in bed, if you know what I am sayin’.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)
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It’s a good thing that Leo is so dang charming, because if not they would never be able to satisfy their sky-high sex drives. They draw partners to them with their flirty nature and their warm hearted and oh-so-appealing aura. But just be warned, they're a bit of a show-off in bed. They're creative and enthusiastic lovers who never miss a chance to try out a new move, especially one that makes them look amazing. And yes, they expect to be fully and frequently complimented for their appearance and performance in bed, so speak up if you want to stay in Leo’s bed — and trust me, you will. Yes, they can be a bit of an egomaniac from time to time, but Leo is incredibly loving and loyal, so it’s totally worth it.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)
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What? Scorpio has a high sex drive? Who knew? Um... only everyone who has ever had the good fortune to find themselves in bed with one. Yep, there is no sign more sexually powerful and present in the zodiac than Scorpio. These extremely passionate and exciting lovers thrive on physical contact and are just as invested in their partners having a good time as they are — and they are very invested in having a good time. They are never short on options for sexual partners either, thanks to their incredible magnetism and confidence in pursuing anyone they're attracted to. They are, in a word, irresistible.

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