Dating a Scorpio man can be intense.

Here Are 7 Things You Should Know About Romancing A Passionate Scorpio

Get ready to turn up the intensity.

by Jamie Scanlon and Marisa Casciano
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Scorpios have a reputation for being romantics, and there’s some truth to it. This zodiac sign, which is ruled by Pluto and Mars, loves tapping into their humanity and connecting with others through deep conversations, red heart emojis, and shared experiences. Dating a Scorpio man or woman may be the most intimate adventure you go on yet, and you’ll want to move forward with a few helpful tips on what Scorpios really want and need.

While a room filled with roses and candles will certainly peak their interest, peeling back your layers is what every Scorpio is after. They want to know why you order a specific drink from Starbucks every time, and whether you’ve been in love before. Scorpio men in relationships aren’t all that different from Scorpio women, either. Both are very curious and can have some jealous tendencies, thanks to their love of the truth. “In relationships, Scorpios seek emotional depth and intimacy over everything,” Chelsea Jackson, Houston-based astrologer and cosmic writer tells Elite Daily.They may come off as a little intense, but it's only because they have so much love to give.”

If you’re dating a Scorpio man or woman, you may have already gotten a taste of this. These seven tips will help you love them the way they want and need to be loved, as well as understand how their star sign comes into play.

They Need To Be Able To Trust You

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When it comes to trust, Scorpios take their time. They like to share many trustworthy moments before they give you their whole heart. These moments can include something as small as remembering your anniversary or their favorite snack or as big as opening up about your past relationships.

“To form trust with a Scorpio, it's important to assure them that their emotions are valid, no matter how extreme they can be,” says Jackson. “Really listen and empathize with your Scorpio when they share something with you. They're likely testing the waters before taking the plunge.” If they know they can trust you, though, they'll stay by your side for a lifetime and become the ultimate friend, sidekick, and lover.

They Need To Know You’re Confident

Scorpios are pretty confident beings. They know their value, and appreciate when their love is equally proud of their own talents, personality, and dreams. While they may try to one-up you in a conversation, they’ll always appreciate having equal competition and knowing that you’re solid in yourself.

“Scorpio is a fixed sign, so their resilience is like no other,” Jackson explains. A Scorpio may see your confidence as an opportunity to have an intellectual conversation or to share their opinions freely with someone who will truly listen and understand.

They Need To Be Entertained

No matter what sign you or your SO may be, it’s not up to you to entertain them 24/7. However, a Scorpio does like their relationship to feel generally interesting and fun-loving. They need their SO to stimulate them on an intellectual level and be present during the good times and bad.

If you’re having a conversation, stay off your phone and give Scorpio your undivided attention. Be sure to take initiative, too, and plan date nights where you go bowling, attend a show, or cook a new meal together at home.

They Need To Feel The Passion

Do you remember the episode of New Girl when Jess tells Russell that she needs passion? It wouldn’t be surprising if Jess was a Scorpio, as this is a box the water sign likes to check off. Most of the time, Scorpios like to get swept off their feet at a moment’s notice and let passion happen naturally and freely.

They are very energetic beings who know no boundaries when it comes to expressing themselves sexually. As their partner, they’ll want you to be fearless in the bedroom. However, know this: They should always respect your personal boundaries.

They Need To Romanticize Your Romance

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Whether they want you to believe it or not, Scorpios can be sentimental and sensitive. They’re very in-touch with their emotions, and love to connect every moment to a specific feeling. This can lead to them romanticizing everything from a date night, to a text message, to a coffee you picked up from them.

Knowing that they like to romanticize life — and especially your love story — will help you navigate a relationship with them. It’ll encourage you to pick up the mushy card for your next anniversary and light candles at dinner. Honestly, take some tips out of the romantic comedy playbook, if you need to.

They Need To Show You Their Talents

Unlike a Leo, a Scorpio doesn’t need to be center stage at every event. However, they do like to show the people they love their talents. Give them opportunities to shine, which allows them to feel seen, proud, and loved. If your SO plays the guitar, you could ask them to play you a song. If they’re on a baseball team, you could go to one of their games and cheer them on from the sidelines. In turn, you can share your talents with them.

“Scorpios only feel like they can really trust those [who] don't make them regret opening up about their feelings,” says Jackson, and being an open book with them can help them feel more comfortable all around. Giving them the opportunity to share their talents will mean the world to them, even if they’re shy about it at first.

They Need To Be Brought Back Down To Earth

This water sign is a dreamer. In their spare time, they probably think about their life goals and how their partner can fit into them. On one hand, this makes them the perfect person with whom to share adventures and dreams, as they’ll always support your imagination. On the other hand, you’ll need to bring them back down to earth sometimes.

“Scorpios often get the ‘obsessive’ title, but in reality, they're just highly determined,” Jackson explains. They want their life to feel spectacular and aren’t afraid to get excited over the ideas in their head. You’ll want to help them lay out a path toward their dreams that’s honest and practical, and cheer them on as they take steps down it.

If you're down for passion and a bit of a challenge, then dating a Scorpio may just be for you. The experience will certainly be memorable, and with Scorpio, you’ll find a lover like no other.


Chelsea Jackson, astrologer and cosmic writer

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