Change up your routine with these lazy date ideas.

These 21 Lazy Date Ideas Make For An Unexpectedly Good Time

Say goodbye to the days of Netflix and chill. 👋

by Sydnee Lyons and Corinne Sullivan
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Who doesn't love lazy days? Oh, wait, I mean self-care days — days when you shut yourself off from school or work and enjoy doing absolutely nothing besides watching TV and peeling face masks. Lazy days are especially fun when you can convince your partner to join you in hibernation, but even the laziest folks get tired of Netflix and chillin’ after a while. If you’re in need of lazy date ideas that extend beyond the four walls of your dorm room or apartment (and that don’t require too much effort), then I’ve got you covered.

While there’s nothing wrong with falling into a routine with the person you love and enjoying lazy days together, it’s important not to get lazy in your relationship. As Pricilla Martinez, CEO of Regroop Online Life Coaching, previously told Elite Daily, “If you've been together a long time or have started to live together, you must remember to continue dating. Especially if you're living together, you need to remember that your partner is not your roommate.” If you’re looking for places to go with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner — but not looking to spend a whole lot of money or energy — then these unique date ideas are just what you need.

Attend An Open Mic Night

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If you’re looking to scope out some local talent, then you and your partner can attend a mic night at a bookstore or coffee shop in your area. Find nearby events with the help of Eventbrite, and if you're feeling bold, then you can even bring along your guitar and surprise your boo with a serenade.

Sing Karaoke

Show off your pipes by hitting up a karaoke bar with your babe and belting out some tunes. If your singing skills leave something to be desired, then you can always get a private room for two (or simply host karaoke night from the comfort of home).

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Whether you want to take on your own city or explore a city that's new to you both, Let's Roam is an awesome way to see everything from major landmarks to hidden gems. Though you're totally welcome to design your own if you're feeling clever, Let's Roam offers two-hour city-wide scavenger hunt adventures in over 300 cities, and it will take you and your partner all over the city to solve riddles and complete photo challenges.

Visit A Break Bar Or Wrecking Room

"Rage rooms" have become all the rage, as they give you a chance to either chuck your glass across the bar after you finish your drink, or even take a bat to a room full of printers, monitors, flat-screen TVs, office phones, keyboards, and dishes and get cracking (literally). You can do a search for a "break bar" or "wrecking room" to see if there are available to visit in your area.

Attend A Comedy Show

From major comedy troupes like The Second City to local comedy clubs, it can be easy to find comedy shows no matter your budget, and even if the comedy is so-so, you and your boo will have just as much fun laughing about the lame jokes afterwards. Try LaughStub to find the best comedy events near you.

Participate In A Trivia Night

Put all your random factoids to use by going to a local bar or pub's trivia night together, where you can team up and see whose wealth of useless knowledge is actually the most valuable. You might just end up finding out that your partner is knowledgable in a subject you never expected, and even if you don't take home a prize, a little healthy competition always makes for a good time. Check out Trivia Nation to find a trivia spot in your area.

Go To An Arcade

Whether you hit up your closest Dave & Busters or check out a local arcade bar, all you and your boo need is a roll of quarters to have hours of fun. Take each other on in Dance Dance Revolution or battle for the highest score in Pac-Man, and you can try to save up your tickets to get a prize at the end of the night.

Visit A Board Game Bar Or Café

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Who doesn't love a good board game? Tons of bars and cafés supply a stack of board games to play while you sip and eat, and you and your SO can transport yourself back to childhood by playing a few rounds of Connect Four or Shoots and Ladders. Just make sure that neither of you has a tendency to act like a sore loser, or that will definitely put a damper on the date.

Try Axe Throwing

This may sound strange, but don't knock it until you try it. Axe throwing is basically the new bowling, and places like Bad Axe Throwing offer locations all over. You and your SO can book a lane and get the chance to learn from a coach, and you two can even compete to see whose aim is better.

Go On A Ghost Tour

This one isn't for the faint of heart, but if you and your boo are into all things creepy, then a ghost tour gives you a chance to learn some history and get a little creeped out. Visit Haunted Journeys to find haunted places and historical ghost tours near you, and get ready for a chilling experience.

Visit A Quirky Museum

Think all museums are boring? Think again. From spy museums to science museums to medical mystery museums, there are hundreds of weird and wild collections to explore across the country, and MuseumFinder allows you to search by town to find the weirdest and wildest exhibits near you.

Try A Paint-And-Sip Night

These classes combine a group painting lesson with wine drinking as you try to replicate the steps given by an instructor. No worries if you're not into drinking — the sip element is totally optional (and honestly, your finished work might just turn out better if you don't imbibe). You can do a search for a "paint and sip studio" to see if there are available to visit in your area.

Check Out A Farmer’s Market

Farmers' markets can often be found year-round, offering everything from fresh fruits and veggies to local art and crafts. Do a search to find a farmers' market in your area and spend an afternoon with your date eating food samples and looking at the work of local artists.

Paint Pottery

A ton of pottery studios offer this activity, and even if you or your date are not quite artistically gifted, you're sure to have fun making your own creations regardless. You can even surprise your boo by gifting them your freshly-painted piece once you're finished.

Plan A Picnic

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When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing quite like dining al fresco. Pack a blanket, a bottle of wine, and lots of cheeses and bread, and you and your date can spend a leisurely afternoon snacking and chilling in a park.

Visit A Botanical Garden

What could be better than a flower-filled garden? A stroll through a botanical garden with your partner will definitely get your feeling loved-up (and just imagine all the Instagram opportunities!). Check out GardenSearch to find a botanical garden near you.

Go To A Murder Mystery Dinner

Dinner theater shows are not only fun and different — they also often give you a chance to interact with other attendees and puzzle out a mystery together. Do a search on Google (or Groupon!) to find a murder mystery dinner you and boo can attend.

Try An Escape Room

Like murder mystery dinners, escape rooms are all about putting your head togethers and unlocking a mystery. World of Escapes can help you search for escape room opportunities by location and number of participants.

Do Some Geocaching

What is geocaching, you ask? It's like a treasure hunt where you use navigational techniques to hunt down hidden containers, called "geocaches" or "caches," at locations marked by coordinates. Check out Geocaching to get started.

Hang Out At A Cat Café

Obviously, this one is only for those who like felines, but if you are both cat people, cat café take your standard coffee date to a whole new level. Meow Around allows you look up cat cafés in your area, and if you can find one near you, you'll both get a chance to get your cuddle on while sipping coffee and eating snacks.

Play Frisbee Golf

Unlike regular golf, Frisbee golf requires little skill and far less walking around. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can see whether the course is willing to lend you golf carts. Visit Disc Golf Course Review to see where you and boo can get your Frisbee on.

No need to do much planning when it comes to these cute date ideas — all you need to do is show up with your love and have a good time.


Pricilla Martinez, CEO of Regroop Online Life Coaching

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