Sexperts & Personal Trainers Alike Say These 5 Workouts Can Seriously Boost Your Libido

by Julia Guerra

The libido can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. While some people experience zero issues ~getting in the mood~, others find their sex drive to be a fickle friend, one that either cancels on them last-minute, or doesn’t show up at all. You'd think arousal would be as simple as addition — genitals, plus attraction, equals go time — but it’s just not. There are lots of details that can factor into your sex drive, such as the foods you eat, how much caffeine you chug, perhaps your sleep schedule. There are even exercises that can boost your libido. Now how’s that for incentive to get to the gym?

Working out is often associated with aesthetics, but there’s so much more to exercising than physical transformations. Getting your blood pumping and testing all the ways your muscles and limbs work together to run faster, or lift heavier, is a confidence boost like no other, and when you feel good in your body, says Sam Tooley, owner of and personal trainer at Alpha Performance Studio, you’ll feel even better in bed.

“From feeling physically fit, to being more comfortable with our appearance, all of the above will help build our confidence,” which, Tooley tells Elite Daily, can play a huge role in the confidence you bring to your sex life. From a physiological perspective, he adds, endorphins, aka the feel-good chemicals released by the brain when you exercise, lower your stress hormones, thus adding to the confidence and drive to have sex.

So which exercises are the best for boosting your libido? Here are a few that experts in the space recommend.

Core Workouts Can Help You Feel Comfortable In Different Sex Positions

For some people, one sex position is all it takes to feel amazing, and that's great. But, if you and your partner prefer to switch things up in terms of sex positions, Vince Sant, co-founder and lead trainer for V Shred, suggests implementing some core work into your routine to help make those passionate transitions a bit smoother. He tells Elite Daily that exercises like crunches, leg lifts, and Russian twists will "strengthen your core," so you can "hold your own," so to speak, in the bedroom.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Raises Your Testosterone Levels

Let's talk about hormones real quick, because you might not realize the important role that your testosterone levels can play in your sex life. According to Sant, the more testosterone you've got flowing, the higher your libido.

The personal trainer tells Elite Daily that HIIT, specifically, can increase your testosterone levels. In fact, according to a December 2012 study published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, high-intensity interval training is associated with increased testosterone levels, even more-so than endurance exercise. Ergo, exercises like squat variations, stair-climbers, and lunges should all be added to your routine.

Cardio Strengthens Your Pelvic Muscles

Typically when you think of exercising, I'm sure muscle groups like your biceps or glutes come to mind, but have you ever considered how important it is to work your pelvic muscles? Yeah, neither have I. But, according to Mackenzie Rielany, relationship and sex expert at TooTimid, a sex education, expert relationship advice, and adult novelty products site, any exercise that involves working your pelvic muscles can help to boost your libido.

"The stronger the muscles are in this area, the more likely you are to be aroused, and to have stronger orgasms," Rielany tells Elite Daily. Working out on machines like the thigh press, or even just running on the treadmill, she suggests, can help you strengthen these muscles.

"Stimulating the G-spot can make it easier to reach orgasm, along with being an aphrodisiac," Rielany explains. "When you're running, for example, this adds pressure to your pelvis, and for women, this means more pressure toward her G-spot."

So, BRB, going for a run.

Yoga Helps You Relax So You Can Enjoy The Present Moment

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that stress of any kind is a mood-killer. According to August McLaughlin, a health and sexuality writer and author of the book Girl Boner, one of the best workouts you can do to decrease your stress levels and boost your libido is — drumroll — yoga.

"I love yoga for sexual desire benefits because it promotes relaxation, which is the foundation of arousal, and brings a sense of mindfulness," McLaughlin tells Elite Daily. "Research and a lot of anecdotal evidence show that more mindfulness in your life boosts everything from sexual pleasure to libido."

Translation: A yummy vinyasa translates to sexy time. I'll namaste to that.

Hiking And Other Outdoor Activities Boost Your Mood

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) recently found that spending just 20 minutes at the park can make you feel happier, and when you're happy, that's when McLaughlin says sex is the best. Exercising outdoors in any capacity would probably suffice, just as long as you're soaking in the sunshine, but McLaughlin's personal favorite outdoorsy pick for reaping sexual benefits is hiking.

"I love hiking as a pre-sex date," she tells Elite Daily. "You and a partner can connect emotionally, head home and hit the shower together, and let things evolve from there."