9 Ways We Compare Ourselves To Our Friend (And Why We Should Stop)

by Niki McGloster

Women of all kinds are having the best year ever.

But instead of being one another's best rally girls, we're often preoccupied with how we stack up to our fellow femmes, further enabling our bad habits with Instagram and Twitter binges.

(Please note, we're not talking about frenemies like Regina George. We're referring to those once-in-a-lifetime soulmates you share everything from party dresses to deodorant with.)

While friendly competition keeps your friends from getting left behind, to constantly assess your BFF's assets against yours is a ridiculously slippery slope.

Social media breeds an environment of constant self-evaluation and second guessing, which can trick us into believing it's better to swap who we are for who our gal pals are.

We get it, it's a constant internal battle. It's time we recognize and combat this girl-on-girl negativity.

Here are nine ways you've probably been a bit catty toward your bestie (and need to cut it out).

1. Battle of the booty.

Whether you want a stellar booty like J.Lo or a firm, round tush a la Jen Selter, you can't help but size up your friend's gluteus maximus. Should you? Of course not.

Don't let her buns stop you from doing another round of squats at the gym.

2. Finding body flaws.

Even with affirmation, the second our BFF slips into a barely-there bikini, we start mentally marking our bods with ink.

Whether it be perkier breasts or smoother skin, our friends seeming perfections unknowingly make us only see our flaws.

In times like these, try to remember everyone's physique is singular and comparing one to the other will never end well. Spend more time loving your body, not idolizing your friend's.

3. Flipping out over hair.

We all have that one friend whose strands never stray from being picture perfect, and it's f*cking annoying.

Sure, we love our much wilder manes that go berserk no matter the temp, but we can't help but hate. So instead of plotting on Edward Scissorhands-style revenge, tap her for hair tips.

4. Running with your (extended) woes.

Bitches love cliques, so it's no surprise women ensure their BFFs are A-1 compared to others.

If your bestie has another gaggle of girls, say from work or a gym class, you immediately want to make sure your click is better.

But don't feel like you need to start a "Bad Blood" war: Embrace the addition baddies and be the epitome of #squadgoals.

5. Ring sizes and relationship status.

When it comes to copping karats, claws come out. You may not go all Brooke and Peyton over Lucas kind of cray, but you definitely want your man candy to be better than your girls' guys.

But here's where you have to put opinions to bed, ladies.

So what if your guy's a little less financially secure than hers? His love for you makes him a star in any circle, and you'll love any ring that symbolizes that affection.

Now, if you're the single gal of your crew, just mix your jealousy with champagne and gulp responsibly.

6. Keeping up with the Joneses.

You'll be keeping tabs on your homegirl's whips, cribs and kids well into your old age. Your hubby will have unspoken pressure to ensure your lifestyle looks on par to your bestie's, if not better.

But just because you've got a Dodge and your bestie's got a Benz, be proud of your overall financial stability, as well as hers. And remember, your friendship has nothing to do with financial status.

7. The #selfies and other social media games.

Don't act like you've never been jealous of her growing number of followers, or the fact that her selfies live on the popular page. Swallow your pride and ask for pro-tips on taking the perfect selfie.

Also, don't trip on your small social media circle. Not everyone is clocking in millions of e-fans. Focus on living your life not for the cameras.

8. Career goals.

You never hesitate to pop bubbly for your girl's promotion. You're genuinely happy, despite the fact that you've been clocking in 60-hour weeks and only have junior-level status to show for it.

Your friend's hustle should motivate you to voice your concerns at work. Ask her if she has advice, and tap her high-level connects for your own network.

9. Style wars.

If she's the Amber to your Cher, make like Paris Hilton and appoint your Kim K as personal stylist. You'll never spend another sad day paling in comparison to your BFF's closet.