The Body-Positive, No-F*cks Given Bikini Body Speech Women Need To Hear

by Niki McGloster

Almost every year, I bask like 'Yonce during summer’s gloriously warm season, but with a tinge of Rob Kardashian-like anxiety.

It seems like a futile conquest to thoroughly embrace the joyous 93-day season with uninhibited frolic when women are so expertly persuaded to become [insert any Sports Illustrated model’s name here] doppelgangers in teenie, weenie bikinis.

With the help of explosively-popular fitness trends, demands on women to eat meatless meals, attend excessive spin classes and maintain a slim but bootylicious size 2 (how dare you be bigger than size 4!) are shoved down our throats as if we aspire to be "Real Housewives of Bikini-Ready, Toned T&A."

Um. No.

Don't let today's health-conscious trend or fit celebs force you to examine your (mom)bod more harshly than you probably do on your own.

I’d run out of fingers and toes counting the times I’ve scolded my slightly flabby midsection after stalking RiRi’s Instagram.

Summer may mark the beginning of endless sun, but it almost marks the start of the gut-wrenching choice between 'kinis and cover-ups.

I love an intense sweat session (outside the bedroom) as much as the next #fitspiration, but I refuse to put a damper on my summer mood –– a combination of RBF and this –– by unnecessarily accelerating my fitness goals all for a toned tummy at the beach.

It's perfectly fine to work toward the betterment of your body one ClassPass at a time, but for your summer sanity, accept what you cannot change (at this very moment) and live it up!

If you ever feel discouraged about your body's babe levels, here's what I say unto you:

Swap out your cover-ups for complete confidence! No body is perfect!

Cast aside your fear of flaunting your Mombod, because it's trending!

Forget the potential flock of f*ckboys who size up your physique!

Be one with your belly bulge.

Eff eight-days-a-week workouts and try fit-ness whole pizza in your mouth!

And remember: Your body is still #onfleek no matter what size and shape you are.