23 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Spins

by Ashley Fern

The type of exercise a girl chooses to spend her time doing speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.

Yogis have a distinct set of qualities to them, as well as weight lifters and cardio-lovers. But there is one type of exercise that has created a craze around it -- and that is spinning.

Cycling has developed quite the cult following and with good reason.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to stay motivated while doing cardio, which is why you find so many people watching Netflix while hiking a treadmill. Just me? No way.

Once you start spinning, it's difficult to stop because you feel results instantaneously, and isn't that what you want from a workout? So what separates a girl who spins from all of the rest?

1. Commitment is her number one priority

Spinning class requires you to make a reservation in advance, which means if you cancel within 24 hours, you typically get charged or face some sort of penalty.

It teaches you to make an appointment, stick with it or face the consequences.

2. Pushing herself beyond limitation is a frequent pastime

Your body will never change if you keep exerting the same effort. A spinner pushes herself at every opportunity.

3. A girl who spins will always go that extra mile

If you thought spinning was just limited to a studio then you've never heard of Peloton.

Spinners are taking their workouts to an entirely different level with in-home bikes that allow you to take high-energy cycling classes taught by top instructors from the convenience of your own home.

Working out without having to leave the house? Sign me up!

4. She is well in tune with her emotions

Have you ever felt highly emotional during and after an intense work-out class? Well, my friend, you are not alone.

A recent article from Marie Claire proves how the gym is the new "catharsis."

5. She understands that a sh*tty workout is better than no workout

We've all had those days when we just don't feel like exercising. On those days, spinning is still an amazing workout because you have no choice but to keep up with the class.

6. She is a free spirit

She gets lost in the moment, the music and the group motivation that is all-encompassing while spinning.

7. She keeps her mind and body balanced

You can't physically balance on a spin bike unless your mind is balanced also. You ever tune out while riding on a bike? It's not a pretty sight.

8. She is always pushing forward

Literally and figuratively, a spinner always has her eyes on moving forward and achieving greatness.

9. She doesn't get derailed by constant yelling, instead she thrives on it

You want to pick a fight with a girl who spins? Good luck getting a reaction out of her, as she's more than accustomed to having someone scream right in her face.

10. She enjoys her "me" time, but would love to take you along for the ride

The best part about finding an amazing work-out routine is sharing it with others. Sure, she enjoys her frequent visits solo, but she would love to introduce you to her favorite pastime.

11. She's in optimal physical shape...

As if we needed to state the obvious. A spinner works every single one of her muscles in one class. Kudos to those who also lift weights while riding.

12. ...And is overly conscious of her health

Being in great physical shape goes hand-in-hand with health awareness. You bet your girl isn't spinning just so she can indulge in the free bread baskets that come along with dinner.

13. She can keep her cool even in the most uncomfortable situations

Do you know how hard it is to maintain your cool when sweat is pouring out of every pore?

14. She appreciates the uphill battle and makes the most of it

In fact, climbing uphill is perhaps her favorite part of the spin class as it's the most challenging.

15. She knows how to take direction

Something bothering you about your girl? She will listen to you with an open mind and attempt to correct it accordingly.

16. She understands the importance of leadership

Understanding the importance of leadership makes you a better leader. It teaches you the value of this quality and isn't that something you want translated into your relationship?

17. She doesn't mind breaking a sweat

In the studio or in the bedroom.

18. She's always down to ride

Yes, pun intended.

19. She has no issue kicking it into high gear

Don't you want to date someone who stands up for herself when the situation calls for it? No one wants to date a doormat.

20. She believes the journey is the destination

Despite what you may think, the best part about spin class isn't when it's over. Rather it's how you feel while you're in the midst of the challenge.

21. She can change speeds on a moment's notice

Life isn't about what happens to you, it's about how you react to it, so wouldn't it make sense to want to spend your time alongside someone who reacts swiftly to change?

22. She will let you take the lead

Sometimes that's all a guy wants.

23. Oh... and she has a great ass

As if you need any further convincing.